Pork Chops with Peppers, Onions & Potatoes, Italian recipe – Gianni’s North Beach

Pork chops with peppers is a versatile one-pan dish. I made it with pork chops but it works just as well with sausage or your favorite cuts of chicken. You can have dinner on your table in way less than an hour and clean up is a breeze.

Come to think of it this wouldn’t be bad with firm tofu slices instead of meat.

The trick to this one-pan dish is to cook the ingredients separately and then put everything back in the pan with a simple pan sauce to finish cooking.

If you want an easy meal jam-packed with flavor and texture this one’s for you.

The golden crusted tender pork chops are delicious all by themselves. But wait there’s more.

Add some sweet carmelized onions, bell and cherry vinegar pepper to every bite and your taste buds will be in full swing. And then there are the golden potatoes with the creamy interior.

What more could you hope for and it all came out of just one pan.

Special appearance by my 100-year-old vinegar mother!

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hobriz says:

Thank you Gianni for your videos. Look forward to them every week and I always make them. !! 

freddie imhotep says:

Hi Gianni, I just made the recipe for my wife and she loved it. I know I’m getting lucky tonight lol… Thank you

TickleMeShlomo says:

do those cherry peppers have any heat?

Carol Ann says:

Hi, I’m in Australia and I’m not sure what cherry peppers are. Are they hotter than bell peppers (capsicums is what they are called here). Are cherry peppers like a chilli pepper? Thanks, love your videos 🙂

Adriana VP says:

Hi Gianni, how long did you cook the pork chops?  3-4 minutes first side, how long roughly for the second side?  Thank you very much……….. 🙂

Johnnyboy792 says:

Pizan …. you are the BEST !!!!!

dpward782 says:

I’ll be giving this a shot this Friday (You’ve made me a Gianni believer when I tried your gnocchi recipe). Since I don’t have your homemade vinegar, would you recommend substituting with balsamic or red wine vinegar? Thanks!

Charles Campione says:

Hello Gianni… I enjoy your cooking videos and your particular personality. You remind me of some of my dear Italian friends back in Boston. Here in North Central Maine there aren’t any Italians especially Italian delicatessens and specialty stores to buy the real good stuff. Ihave to settle for the typical supermarket quality of cheeses. I’m sure you get the picture… heck you can’t even get veal or lamb up here. so my friend Keep On Truckin and making those videos I enjoy them very much…. Ciao

Jason Desjardins says:

Gianni, what type of vinegar do you recommend for those of us who have to purchase it?

Fábio Taranto says:


Mehdi Moghaddam says:

I like your pork chop

Simon Walker says:

A great video as usual.
The onion and peppers is very simelar to the way I do them for ‘sausage n peppers..’ but I add a little bit of cayenne for that extra bite.. 

can’t wait to try this one.

rmbudlong says:

Gianni…Just saw one of your videos!  Wish I found u a long time ago!  On one of the videos that I saw u mentioned that u were in Providence, RI for a time…!  I was shocked to hear that…as I live in Warwick!  Maybe I enjoyed one of your fine meals on the “hill” at some point!  Where did u work?  Enjoy your channel..keep it going!  

kimberly lanton says:

what kind of white wine do you use? I don’t drink so I am familiar with what would be great to cook with.

Nostatic Atall says:

Love it! I’ve made this before but I like your recipe so I’m making this for my wife tonight. I love Italian-American food… even though I’m Dutch-Canadian. LOL

Tom Layton says:

Ciao, Gianni:

This pork chop dinner is MORE than super!  I am asking about your “mother vinegar.”
I have something I think is similar, but no where NEAR your French “mother vinegar.”
MY vinegar is Italian vinegar, home-made, from a restaurant called Vince’s Spaghetti in Rancho Cucamonga in So. California.  I have had mostly a gallon of it for over four years.  It is delicious and works well with any meal calling for vinegar like your pork chop dinner.  My question:  Since it’s refrigerated, how long can I keep it?  Is vinegar one of those things that won’t spoil.  None of my Irish friends seem to know and my Italian wife can’t cook anything that doesn’t come in a package or a jar.  This is why I like YOUR series so much!  You make things “BA-BOOM” simple!!   Keep up the good work!   Tom Layton, Simi Valley

francene michele says:

I have always enjoyed pork chops potatoes  and vinegar peppers.  My mother used to make this as a child and THIS recipe is wonderful.  I learn so much from you.  THANK YOU.  You are so enjoyable to watch and I love your cucina! Mangia bene, always!

marie Savino says:

Oh Gianni, This looks amazing! My hubby would love it! If ! I wanted to substitute pork ribs, as in cooking them in idividuale bone pieces, would I just need to cook them longer or should I boil them first? I have been on a Gianni food fest binge tonight. You inspire me so much hun. Salute!

Carlos Del Amo says:

Plagiando a gordon ramsey, pero a lo cutre salchichero.Las mejores recetas de gordon ramsey, capítulo 1. Cocinar con confianza.

Rose Juliano says:

Hey Gianni,
Aunt Florence used to  make it really hot by  using the  hot vinegar peppers you mentioned.  Love this recipe – can’t wait to make some soon.  Glad you are back on video.

Daniel B says:

Giannni !!! Love It !! You’re the Man! Keep it up. You make “The Best Italian-American Videos on All of Youtube” Love your Passion Bro .
         NY NY

madisonelectronic says:

I actually remove all the fat and skin from the chops and fry it with the pork.
I even have the same brand of peppers.
Only trouble is it is 9 pm and have been entertaining myself with Paisano from Mr.Carlo Rossi for most of the evening, so I guess this will be made during the Super Bowl game.
Nice to see you, was hoping you had not stopped making videos.

Living good says:

That lookes delicious. Love the onions and peppers with this dish. Mouth watering.  Thank you for sharing.

ELAINE says:

I love your cooking! New subscriber.

Living good says:

Mr. Gianni…. I prepared this meal for my wife for valentines day/Birthday. I have to say the dish was outta this world. The chops was so tender and I even used the one inch thick, The peppers and onion and potaoes and ahhhh I was so pleased. I was amazed at the flavor and the tenderness. I am sold on this meal! My wife talked about it all night.  Thankyou for sharing and God bless.

Ibodnano says:

homemade vinegar _ do you have the recipe?

Mircose says:

I like your video.. well produced.. I will have a look at your other videos and possibly subscribe

Jennifer Smith says:

i always wondered how people get their potatoes done right  when you do it raw they either don’t get done enough for me or burn definitely trying this one this weekend!  

Julia Malberg says:

It’s currently 3:57 AM and I want pork chops w/peppers, onions, and potatoes for breakfast!  Another excellent video that has made me very hungry.  I just love the simplicity of your cooking with great instruction and can’t wait to see what you make next.  Thanks again!

Boneshaker says:

Gianni; Would wet minced garlic from a jar (not dried) be ok in place of the raw? If so I wonder what measure minced vs. fresh?

Carla says:

Hello, what can I use instead of wine? Thank you 🙂

theresa bollman says:

Oh boy, now I’m really missing Mom, Nona and My aunts. That dish is the best. Thanks so much, Gianni. Your tips make it that more special.

Uncle G says:

how about using pepperoncini and brind in place of cherry  peppers? That’s what’s in the house!

Dalton Correll says:

Hope will be so good

Bob Ficoturo says:

Hi Gianni – I really appreciate your work.  What you do, what you say, what and how you cook really resonates with me because it’s reminiscent of how I remember my Grandmother.  She was Napolitana – actually just a little NW of Naples – a town called Caianello.  I look forward to seeing more of your recipes.  By the way my Nonna made eggplant (one of my favorite things)exactly the way you make it.  Keep on cookin’!  I’ll keep on watchin’.

David Rivera says:

That looks gorgeous

David Venditti says:

Gianni I want to thank you so much for helping me get through my second bout of cancer. With the the surgery and chemo I can’t eat alot but I have been substituting by watching your videos. It literally has brought tears to my eyes thinking of dinners with my mom and both Nona’s. My mom actually grew up on Green St and graduated from Gallilleo

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