Nonna’s Chiacchiere (Italian Fried Cookies) Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 937

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Alexis Durden says:

Y’all so cute

Belinda Green says:

Love Nonna !

Hey you. Yes,you. Have a nice day! says:

Sei del sud vero?
amo le tue ricette e il tuo canale e sentirti parlare in italiano è troppo carinoooo:)

Anju Tony says:

so adorable

Keng Vang says:

Can you make Fried Ice Cream?!!

kiersten kelly says:

those look so good

tj bhaug says:

I just love her! Please do more with nonna. She’s a strong, lovely woman. I bet a riot to grow up with. Hugs.

Caterina Cetrangolo says:

ma quanto sei bella!

Jamilah Brown says:


Ugly Jerk says:

Is laura italian?

Christy Lugosi says:

mine comes out puffy.

senthil kumar says:

Bye bye

David Fecak says:


sirdidymusbarks says:

She’s so adorable! Looks yummy too 🙂

Gia Di says:

More videos with Nonna!!!

Anna D says:

omg this is giving me memories of baking with my nonna when she was still alive

lora d says:

how lucky you are…u bring back so many memories of how i used be with my nonna and you two look like so many of us..if i may ask what part of Italy is nonna from?

Cure Jester says:

You’re both cute

Jenna Luke says:

Haha so cute!!

Δωροθεα Σκλεπα says:

Hi,Laura.Well done with your Nonna’s Chiacchiere. They seem delicious. I’ll made this recipe. By the way you and your Nonna are beautiful.

Kathy Maffei says:

You two are adorable. I enjoyed this sooooo much!!! I feel like I know you both, Italians are so similar!

Elaine Galam says:


inquisitive bibliophile says:


El Boring says:

I love how your nonna didnt use a bowl to mox the flour. I dont know why lol

Racquelle Britton says:

wow awesome!! thank you Nonna and Laura!!

Karen Byrd says:

Aww Nonna! Love her. I wish I could speak Italian now. Haha

lola russo says:

my nonna is exactly the same wow

Jamilah Brown says:


unclefrankonap1953 says:

Love you you and your grandmother funny, nice recipe

nala melody says:

Your Nona is absolutely just beautiful

Joy Tosado says:

I so understand how your Nonna does it. My Mum was the same way and I am proud to say that I do it as well..

MrBoggles says:

My Nonna makes these diamond shaped chocolate type biscuits I think they’re made with an almond meal and they have a chocolate glaze.. I don’t even know what they’re called
I’d love to see a recipient for them

Angela Dodd says:

I love cooking with Nonna I hope that you will continue to cook with her.

NiJaia Jones says:

Soooo Cutee

Diane Gallant Marion says:

Just watched this, and all I could do was. smile. What a dear, sweet Nonna.

Carmen La says:

aww nonna’s so cute!

Awesome Gameplay says:

ma siete bravissime entrambe, You are awesome, you should do Italian videos for the Italians, that will be awesome

Mikayla Louise says:

Baking is a science for anyone thats not italian! I love watching your videos with your nonna. It makes my heart happy. I lost my nonna in 2005 and watching you two together reminds me of what a wonderful woman she was, and hearing you speaking to each other just brings back so many wonderful memories. You ladies are both awesome!

XXxxBlackpearlxxXX says:

che carina tua nonna!!

Alexie Del Rosario says:

is she your grandma?

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