Minestrone Soup Recipe – Italian Vegetable and Pasta Soup

Learn how to make a Minestrone Soup Recipe! – Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2011/11/minestrone-soup-is-once-in-lifetime.html for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Minestrone Soup Recipe!


Joanna R says:


Dean Lewis says:

You are then corleone of your minestrone

Chris Johns says:

I should be studying for a huge test I have but instead I am watching videos on making soup. no regrets

Darius Gabriel Black says:

Ahmahgawd, I lurvs the Minestrone

Darius Gabriel Black says:

The key, to me, is getting the greens right. Mushy greens are gross, but so are undercooked greens.

Greens need to be soft, but not mushy. I almost suggest cooking the greens separately (maybe steaming?) and then adding them to the bowl upon serving.

Candace Vaillette says:

Oh so beautiful and easy to make. I cannot wait to make this. I love your videos! You make them straight to the point and your voice is nice and soothing.

Joseph DSouza says:

Very good soup

olderloverxx says:

I just love his voice!

andrewt248 says:

Just finished a batch of this. It’s cooling in the walk-in freezer (AKA right outside the back door here in Michigan) right now!

wenaldy says:

I can’t find it, there are only soup.

mr65plexi says:

Cranberry beans>>> you mean romano beans!

Susan Maldonado says:

I’m going to make this tomorrow. I’m under the weather and want a bowl of soup.

Jippy Kim says:

Why did I read this as Minestone soup? lol

teamcrumb says:

add veg stock not water pleeeease, lovely chef man xx

BlacknGinger Bunny says:

I fucking love minestrone!! XD This is what I mostly eat on my water and soup diet! (hence campbells brand) . This is good for me so now I can make my own.

stephjoelmom says:

Great recipe! Made it last night with what I had in the fridge.

Tiffany Webber says:

Fantastic recipe. Made as you suggested, and is the best minestrone I’ve ever made!!! Thanks Sir!

R. McBride says:

Have this on the stove right now. Smelling SO good! Be jealous… be VEWY, VEWY jealous! 🙂

stuzaza says:

I am shocked and flabbergasted, NOT ONE pinch of cayenne. Who is this imposter and what has he done with the real Chef John?

Bardia Behmard says:

You have a nice voice to listen to. I was able to sleep very well after listening.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

shell beans

Darius Gabriel Black says:

Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and/or Worcestershire sauce.

NeD2o2 says:

I’m studying for a huge test and I’m watching this at 2 am…
I’m in culinary school

Marina Mori says:

It’s almost one in the morning… so no way I can go downstairs to make my delicious Minestrone soup… but guess what I am going to eat for lunch tomorrow??? Thank you so much!! Marina P.S. What’s the name of thegorgeous green leaves?

Dean Lewis says:

Whoops meant you are the Don Corleone of your Minestrone

john souza says:

dear chef I live in Hong Kong we don’t have Swiss chard here can I use anything to replace swiss chard please advice me a thousand thanks chef.

Romita Majumdar says:

i love your tone.

Damiano Lanzoni says:

Lovely recipe.
Here in Italy we have dozens of different ways to prepare minestrone: in my house for instance we don’t use stock, only water. But to give flavour to the minestrone we simmer the vegetables in the water with a bone from a “prosciutto crudo” or a crust of Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
Btw if you use the cheese crust it becames soft and you can eat it 🙂

Anup Thapa says:

what is minestrone

Cole Wright says:

Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper and carrots are not a bother to me at all. I like those vegetables especially in this soup. I’m familiar about the greens with red stems. I can use Chicken Broth and Crushed tomatoes and that will work just as well. Whole Grain Rotini will work also.

Javier Marmolejo says:

Ummmm.. I love that soup !!

Metemi says:

You are the Mony Mony of your Ministrone.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

many Italians that I knew when I lived in Italy added beef to their minestrone

iRider says:

This is your best recipe. I come back every month just to watch it and one day aspire to make this and eat it all by myself. But for now the Hienz can will do.

Sophie Broome says:

do you have to use bacon?

Darius Gabriel Black says:

I prefer spinach and kidney beans.

chef rohan says:

wrong recipe

Aaliyah A. says:

Is good I’m making it now

BlacknGinger Bunny says:

You and Dan Bell have like the same type of voice. It is a compliment because Dan Bell has a very clear and powerful voice that draws in the viewers! =))

Rachel Hudson says:

Are those shell on beans the same as Borlotti bbeans?

Bare Truth says:

Can you please make a blog on how to boil an egg

Bluefan says:

I’m Italian and in the north of the country minestrone can be made also with rice, instead of pasta or with just vegetables, usually thickened with diced potatoes. Chicken stock is suspicious, beef stock would be my preference. Last thing: minestrone has never been a vegetarian (even less a vegan) dish. Italians go for flavor and pancetta, beef, some left over sausage offer exactly that. Bland veggie only soups would never be the poor guy’s choice, if they can help it. This is popular cuisine, you do not pass on the meat if you can help it: you need the calories to go back to work…

Reehanah Ibrahim says:

it looks yum and thanks for the recipe.

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