MEATBALLS AND SPAGHETTI RECIPE | Italian-Inspired Tomato Pasta

How much would you pay for a portion of my MEGA meatballs with spaghetti pasta? Spaghetti meatballs are the ultimate Italian-inspired
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comfort food. I love a good plate of pasta and clearly, so did the people of Portobello Road, too. The secret to the ULTIMATE meatball is a mixture of different types of meat, plus a cheeky helping of bone marrow to bring those meatballs up a notch. Let me know in the comments how much you’d pay for a plate of my spaghetti meatballs with tomato sauce. Increase the peace. FOOD BUSKER

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Svenimal says:

9:27 lol

foreign's gaming tech says:

Absolutely beautiful! These remind me of Russian meatballs aka tefteli – my mom makes them and they’re SO GOOD! Definitely looking forward to trying these bad boys out!

Rahul Kaushal says:

Trolling Gennaro …. old man wud whoop ur ass 😛

Jack Morris says:

I don’t know if you or Miss Kwan are married but it looked like you were having a moment there.

All thanks to the love of balls. Meatballs.

George7Best says:

8:35 – 8:38

Ayy Lmao says:

dude’s so lively

Yevhen Kuzmovych says:

“WHA AMA COOKY SO GOO. Oh it’s Genaro, isn’t it?”

Dominik Rank says:

sick stuff, john! lovely chicks aswell here!

aeron jordan de guzman says:

that Gennaro impression! BOOM!

SilentReflection101 says:

That is some next level stuff.

Hunnie B says:

Lemon zest……who knew ! Oh my gosh, these meatballs look absolutely amazing, and that lovely lady had me dying, thanks so much John 🙂

vic8ball says:

You nailed it Food Busker!
Death row meat balls!

timza123 says:


matthew stoddart says:

I think this recipe would better be better if you replace beef and marrow with Venison and venison marrow.

unklestu says:

Spagheddi??? The behaviour of a dosser, John. A dosser and a dwad.

Bcwolters says:

I want to give two thumbs up, But YT doesn’t accept that….

4ingP says:

Spaghetti and Meatballs



HDLK says:

Well done, mate. Gonna ask my local butcher to prepare the ‘special grind’ and see what comes of it 🙂

Dwayne Wladyka says:

You are a culinary genius. You take dishes up to the next level, every time. I’d pay at least 7£ and 50 pence for a starter portion.

JustAnotherTuber says:

Just realized I’ve never had meatballs, that weren’t dry.
Every meatball I can remember eating has always been dry, falling apart and spongy.
I’m trying this to break that spell

insertnicknamehere says:

Maybe it’s because the video is only a day old but i’m surprised nobody is in the comment section saying that you cannot have meatballs with spaghetti. Which is a good thing.

Andre K says:

I did not see any salt being used in anything, or am I just blind?

NiklasStøterau says:

That’s Gennaro, innit?! I cracked… xD

Vai Velorum says:

I’m just gonna do it this evening!!! It seems tasty

Thorsten Giencke says:

Very nice man! Great recipe and awesome video editing!

SonicShenmue says:

At least worth 12 pounds for a big portion or 6 for the starter one! I bet this is Gennaro approved xD

Rooster Red says:

10 bucks
mor sauce

manchas dongu says:


Frankster 1996 says:

The flavors in this video are deeper than the sea

Rafael Zorzal says:

This is the best video in a long time ! Great recipe, nice tips, nice editing, the people that tried the food gave nice feedback and of course, there was the mandatory “boom”. Keep them coming John.!

ivoman7 says:


GrandemagicoWall says:

You would have to pay me to eat that shit

maridontable says:

I was like number 400.

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