Meatball Recipe – Chef Pasquale

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Today I will show you how to make meatballs.

Written recipe here:

What you will need:
Pork and/or Beef about 1.5 pounds total
Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Bread Crumbs
Parmesan Cheese
Tomato sauce


Edward Bernard says:

Don’t watch before going to bed! Growling stomach will keep you up!

Valerie Diaz says:

Thank you for taking the time to make such a cool video

96150coconut says:

you’re too old not to know better….. Chew with you’re mouth closed. Smacking lips?????….. really??????

mohammad davoudian says:


Celeste Klemen says:

Can’t wait to try this!

mohammad davoudian says:


alice smith says:

how to say, “best damn meatball in all the world” in Italian?

WV591 says:

looks real good but I think I taste a little wine in meatballs at some top restaurants i think that may be the secret ingredient?

Mackatax says:

Man, I thought this guy was the original from Pasquale’s Kitchen Express, I was wrong, oh well. Someone said that Chef died in 2005. His name was Pasquale Carpino.

Racheal Kirby says:

You gotta roll like a Boss lol

anastasia10017 says:

he’s eating raw pork ???

Cabrina Pereira says:

very nice. I loved it watching the video. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Joseph Vaccaro says:

I use an ice cream scoop in measuring a uniform size of the meat balls.

jake latte says:

a faccc ru cazz! Dats nice meattttaball!

Christina Iselhart says:

“Like golf ball!” He needs his own reality show.

Maria Vializ Randolph says:

I love watching him cook.

Isla Moon says:


Chuck Piro says:

Love this guy!

Alan Stephenson says:

This guy is great ,love his recipes,and love watching and listening to him

Mark Pugh says:

“you gotta roll it like a boss!”

Ignacio Segarra says:

Gracia, I’m hungry.

bassman1975 says:

when can I come over and have some

danbelard says:

oh yeah!! mi piace molto!

Robert James says:

eating raw ground beef? hmmm

mikedoesseo says:

This is my grandma’s wonderful recipe exactly except she didn’t put garlic in hers. You are a fine man! I wish I could have a plate of this with you 🙂

Fah Q says:

Thank you Sir !!!!!!!

Mel Horan says:

you are funny. I love old school Italians.. your great

Jessica Gray says:

This person isn’t even really Italian. Fake news BS.

KPA D says:


beverly taylor says:

are you married,i want to marry you,where do you live i am 60 years old ,but i look 50,and i already made your meatball recipe,the meatballs were soft and delicisioso.

Cathy Maiorano says:

That’s exactly how I was taught to make meatballs and yes….I could smell them!

barb572000 says:

mmmmmm….great cook….I could smell and taste it as you savored your recipe….


non è che si è dimenticato il pepe nelle polpette?

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