LIMONCELLO RECIPE | Nonna making the best limoncello in the world | Italian Homemade Recipe

LIMONCELLO is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs in the universe. Three ingredients make up my Nonna’s #family recipe and the flavour explodes like a #citrus circus in your mouth.



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LIMONCELLO RECIPE Nonna making the best limoncello in the world Italian #HomemadeRecipe

9 #Organic Lemons (This is a must)
1lt #GrainAlcohol (You can use 100% pure vodka but it won’t taste the same)
1.5lt of water
700g of white sugar


1x Strainer
1x Pot
1x Big Jar with sealed tap


Step One:

1. Peel 9 organic lemons. Make sure you only peel the skin without getting the white part of the lemon.
2. Place the lemon skins in a big jar and add grain alcohol. Seal the jar and let it infuse for about 20days.
3. Marinate the lemons for 20 days in order to get and nice, yellow and tasty limoncello.

Step Two:

1. After 20 days bring to boil 1.5lt of water and add 700gr of white sugar.
2. When the water cools down add the marinated yellow alcohol to the water. Make sure you use a strainer so the lemon skins don’t go in the limoncello.
3. Put a glass of water in the jar and rinse the lemons in order to get more limoncello out of it.
4. Now mix the limoncello very very well for a couple of minutes.

Step Three:

1. With 1.5lt of water and 1lt of grain alcohol you should be able to get almost 3lt of limoncello.
2. So get a few empty glass bottles ready and start filling up these bottles with the limoncello.
3. Put one bottle of limoncello in the fridge and store the other ones in a dry cool place.

How to Serve it:

Serve the Limoncello in small glasses. Some Italians like to drink it in cold glasses and to do that you have to place the glass in the freezer for about 20minutes before you drink the limoncello.

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Vince Amato says:

Va bene!

Sylvain Trias says:

Why mine is not becoming whitish after mixing ? Any special sugar to use ? Thx

Elsa&lisa says:

Can you chill a bottle immediately instead of waiting two weeks? 🙂

Thomas Capone says:

Can you use another kind of alcohol if you can find pure alcohol? Great video, thanks Vinchenzo

Almeder Kati says:

That’s fantastic!!

George Cabezas says:

I gave it a like for la nona!!!! How can you not like this video?

Paula Figueiredo says:

Que nona querida ❤️

lisa Flower says:

Grazie Nonna!!!!!
Grazie Vincenzo
ho finalmente realizzato il limincello che renderebbe orgogliosa la mia Nonna. spero di averti reso anche orgoglioso.

Steven Lanza says:

Vincenzo, where can you buy the alcohol in Australia? I have been to visit my family in Abruzzo and they have given me a recipe. But I don’t think I can buy pure alcohol in Melbourne?!

Domestic Diva says:

I can’t wait to make this. Can you please please tell me where to buy those beautiful limoncello bottles? Grazie!

wtglb says:

She is delightful!  So sweet.

michael Ryan says:

I like that Noona mentioned organic lemons….commercial lemons are sprayed with pesticides and the alcohol will extract the pesticides from the skin….& nobody wants pesticides in their lemoncello

lisa Flower says:

Grazie Nonna!!!!!
Grazie Vincenzo
ho finalmente realizzato il limincello che renderebbe orgogliosa la mia Nonna. spero di averti reso anche orgoglioso.

Andrew McKay says:

I made this, and it is gorgeous.

bernedett rose says:

Can it be vodka ? Instead of alcohol

laura johnstone says:

this is beautiful!
my Nonno is from Calabria!
now living in Australia! only weeks till salumi making weekend with the Family.
I’d love to make some lemoncello as enjoy with everyone!
do you know where in Melbourne Australia I can buy grain alcohol?
thank you so much for your videos they are such a joy to watch 🙂

Vincenzos Plate says:

Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (it’s free)

T von Hartwig says:

Your Nonna is fantastic! We love your channel. Happy New Year!

Claudia Leticia says:

legenda em português também, por favor

Mary T says:

Grazie, Nonna! I had limoncello in Sorrento a month ago. Wonderful! Want to make it at home, so I’ll try your recipe.

byAriengg says:

Hi Vincenzo, I had a question. When I make limncello the lemon peels are already fully drained from taste after about 4-5 days. I bottle it then. Does it really make a difference if I let the peels sit that long?

Jerri Zanusso says:

Great recipe! Abbraccio nella nonna from Brazil!

nathanG6684 says:

I’m trying to make limoncello since the stuff sold here in the US isn’t anywhere near as good as what I remember in Italy. I must have read a dozen or more recipes online and they all vary wildly on the amount of sugar and water to add. Some seem to add ridiculously high amounts of sugar, or water it down a lot. I don’t want mine too sweet and I figured about 30-35% alcohol was a good target. This recipe seems to hit that sweet spot, plus it’s got the nonna seal of authenticity. My lemon peel is soaking now, and I’ll definitely be following this recipe when it’s time to add the sugar+water.

Leila DeLaCruz says:

thanks so much Nonna!

Brissy Girl says:

What does she do with the lemon peels after making the limoncello? Does she preserve them some how? Use them for a cake or something? Just discard them?

Damien LANAU says:

How long can you keep your limoncello after made it?

Thank you

Elsa&lisa says:

Ciao Bello and Nonna. Just saw you Vincezo on Tabieats, and subscribed to your channel. Starting with the limoncello is a good thing.

Emelyn How says:

Your nonna is adorable! I’ll try make it this year. Lots of lemons from our tree

lisa Flower says:

Grazie Nonna!!!!!
Grazie Vincenzo
ho finalmente realizzato il limincello che renderebbe orgogliosa la mia Nonna. spero di averti reso anche orgoglioso.

vira1150 says:

Great video! I am trying this recipe right now. However I became to wonder what is the best place to store the alcohol with lemon peels for the required 20 days? In the fridge or in room temperature?

Ertan Savan says:

İ tried but it was very very sweety..i dont like ;(

marim0y says:

Just arrived from @tabieats and I am in love with your content! New sub!

africanpride69 says:

grazie nona

Akshay Sharma says:

Nonna is the boss!

Mary Ellen DeVore says:

We followed your recipe exactly. It was very strong so we added an additional recipe of simple sugar and it’s now perfect for our taste. It made 3 liters of limoncello. Thank you for the recipe! We love your channel, Vincenzo! Your Nonna is precious!

Kenneth Bautista says:

where is nonna i wanna follow her lol she is the real cook

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