Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Today I would like to share with you my Italian Wedding Soup recipe.

Written recipe:

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RecipeKing says:

Will definately try soon

Marty Versitti says:

Love your videos!!!

f says:

Can you do a cannoli recipe?

Yvette Fournier says:

Dear Chef…you are SO awesome!!
I love your recipes!!

Billa Billi says:

I’m Italian but I’ve never seen or heard about this soup

GolDreadLocks says:


Suzie Queue says:

Pasquale mi ricordi la mia bellissima nonna. Ti adoro. Vi auguro buona salute e successo per il 2019 Ciao xo

Dave B says:

I could listen to him all day long!

John Howard says:

Did he say “Four Cups” of pasta? lol

Rio grande lily says:


Charles V says:

Back to the old format… Perfect. I like this format much better.

Chanell Reid says:

Salute . Cin Cin.

Zbdb 1 says:

New channel for me. First video. I could kiss his sweet little bald head.

Alcides Torres says:

Wow just subbed need the history of Italian wedding soup looks delish !!

weckfurt daigre says:

It is working on my iphone

Marijane says:

I’m in Illinois and we are expecting wind chill temps of -45 below 0 tomorrow! Wish I had all the ingredients to make a big pot of this soup to keep me warm. Looks delicious!

hugh currie says:

Great Boss Love your show

milehighed5280 says:

I can’t put raw meatballs in the soup or in a tomato sauce for pasta to cook. It makes the meatballs taste funny like they’re uncooked. My Italian aunt and my Italian ex-girlfriend made meatballs that way and it tasted like dog food. Disgusting! My meatballs need to to be either baked or fried first, before putting them in a soup or sauce. Maybe it’s the traditional way of making Italian Wedding soup, but I don’t like them that way. Maybe it’s why I never liked Italian Wedding soup. Bake or fry them first, and I’ll probably love it. Thanks, Chef Pasquale. Salute and Cin Cin!!!

Gaia G says:

The farfalle thing is so true !!!

Roger Collins says:

Even if you use the small round pasta traditionally found in wedding soup, cook it separately. It’s easy to overcook and will turn to mush. Oh, and don’t use 2 cups of it, that’s way too much. Coming from a guy who did both last night. Meatballs were on point. I had to double the broth because of the pasta, then I overcooked it. I also added a few tablespoons of chicken base. It tasted great, I just screwed it up. I’ll do it again, and cook the pasta separately.

Sam K says:

Pasquale, I love watching u way more than the food network. Keep up the good work. .. Salute from Massachusetts

N. B. says:

I do not want to bother you I think it’s becoming too fragrant pecorino soup, can we replace it with parmesan? Anyway, it is a delicious soup and I thank you from here in Romania! Nicola.

TheSteamLocomotive says:

I understood you completely.

Captain Coconut says:

These recipes are great, I’m going to use this one when I’m older and I actually do get married. Grazie mille!

Brent Bean says:

Great soup. Any way to do a lamb chop recipe?

Allan Tjon says:

Yes, Great ! ! ! Wonderful improvement with the background music. Keeps on getting better ! ! !

John Howard says:

I don’t speak Italian, yet I swear sometimes I even understand you when you speak Italian! Love the accent and the videos!


i use WAAAAYYYYYY more garlic in my meatball! i would of used 6-8 easy..

Saborlas says:

How many servings does this make?

Josh says:

This time he didn’t eat the meat raw for taste.

william lobur says:

what a pleasure to watch along with a few laughs , i made this in hunting camp and the boys loved it, and the marlboros were excellent LOL, thank you keep the videos coming

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