Italian Veal Osso Buco Recipe

The Bald Chef shows you how to cook this famous recipe from Italy, Osso Buco . Some call this Osso Bucco, and it is a Veal shank slow cooked Italian style These recipe is braised in a tomato sauce with Baby Bella Mushrooms. This Italian recipe is served atop of a bed of fresh Pasta, this is the Southern version of this recipe and is indeed restaurant quality. Give this great Italian Veal Osso Buco recipe a try and you will love it!


Rufat Rzayev says:

im working in fairmont hotel. im from baku

Jose Farias says:

great heavier

Felipe Boch says:

Thank you for the Osso Buco recipe.

Paul McLennan says:

dude most people who are going to take on this recipe, leave the most of what you said behind. simplify things for a slow cooker. which is what most people have. Really tieing meat up

Rufat Rzayev says:

yes i like, where you working?

Jose Farias says:

sorry meant to type great video….lol

Pedro Silva says:

No way,I would never eat that

bebebutterfield1 says:

Ohhhh thats it I gotta start dinner now. Thankfully I’m making beef or Ide be longing for that. That looks awesome TY for sharing.

food jazz says:

Glen, that looks delicious!

Enzo Milani says:

I can smell it just watching you cook bud. I do this dish home at least once a month but switching between pasta and pesto mix with tomatoe sauce and other with orzo or rizzoto for starch. eather one taste amaizing, great cooking 🙂

The Bobby Boucher says:

don’t know where to start. so many issues with your recipe

The Bald Chef says:

Go for it Richard you can kick this Italian Osso Buco recipe up! Thanks.

The Bald Chef says:

This Italian Osso Buco recipe is in fact very delicious. It is easy to make an if you love Veal it is a true winner. Thanks for your commitment and support!

Johnny Mathews says:

and ar, is ar all good ar and ar.

Sylvie Salim says:

Sorry looks like I can’t spell. The c in buco is pronounced like a k. Keep up the great videos.

sebastian gonzales says:

would it impact the meet greatly if you baked the shanks in a turkey pot/pan? seeing as i have 6 shanks, also would spare me having to go out and get a big cassarole pan or dutch oven

André Degaspery says:

Sorry to bother you at this, but this almost is an Irish flag. The Italian flag is a really dark Red, like wine or blood. Also the other guy was right, it sounds like buck.
(“uh” So Boo ko) sounds very aproximate. Its really Great food! My sugestion is that you try this meat at the pressure cook. Go with onion, garlic, salt and pepper to be simple. I sugest a watercress salad to go with it, I mean it! You won’t regret.

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks for checking out a Bald Scot cooking this Italian Osso Buco recipe! We ARE FRIENDS ON FB NEED TO CHECK OUT YOUR PAGE!!!

Sylvie Salim says:

Great job. Just wanted to let you know the c in buck is pronounced like a K

zuleicaloperena says:

I like your recipe. I will give it a try this week.

Pedro Silva says:

What a chef,I don’t like it. No flavor like dog food

Pedro Silva says:


Pedro Silva says:

Are you sure you are a real chef,I can’t believe it.

arrivagabry says:

I live in Italy and am an Italian American, I can’t help to notice that Americans tend to add too many ingredients, that are not necessary, when it comes to Italian cooking, Italian cooking is very simple, and has few ingredients. We don’t use pesto for cooking, Pesto is used in Italy only as a condiment for pasta. Ossobuco is a recipe that comes from Northern Italy, has no pesto no mushrooms and served with risotto. There is also a southern version, with peas, still no pesto. ..

Rufat Rzayev says:

its your idea?

William Fornaciari says:

first of all it should be good anyway, but ossobuco is a second course so it cannot be eaten with any kind of pasta…at least if you want to call it an “italian recipe”.

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks again with you help on my Osso Buco recipe!

BIGGUN says:

and aah…..

Robert Delisle says:

Excellent recipe! Thank you, Chef.

Maria G de T says:

Nooooooooooo, harmfully really

reiluna010 says:

People who eat veal are soulless monsters. Absolutely disgusting human beings

scott goss says:

what kind of white wine do you use..or does it matter…

Kim Jones says:

Where’s the onion? Where’s the garlic? Where’s the celery? Why do you add mushrooms and this ridiculous pesto? Do you actually know how to make Osso Bucco? You don’t even know how to pronounce it. DON’T PUT CHEESE ON IT YOU IDIOT – where’s the “gremolata” the lemon zest and the chopped parsley/onion mixture?

olker arellano says:

Your version its so delicius,good idea with pesto sauce.congratulations!!!!

Dennis Patrick says:

Hey Bald Chef, where did you go to cooking school??

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

Now that’s Italian ! Thumbs up Liked and shared on FB

John Civello says:

Chef, I couldn’t help notice the heavy breathing when you talk. Lay off the salt and get some exercise! The Osso Buco looks delicious.

The Bald Chef says:

I can always use help with getting things straight. Thanks for watching and correcting me. But at the end of the day this is in fact a great recipe for Veal, Osso Buco. With the big K:)

olker arellano says:

This recipe its so good,the pesto sauce into the red sauce is excelent combination,I like your recipe ,thanks for you recipe

Radu says:

Though the recipe is lookinkg great, please read the name of it as BUCO not BUSO. Thank you.

Chantawat Chantarapanya says:

I followed this recipe from Hannibal’s recipe.

Simon Eales says:

Way to breath, i kept thinking you’re about to keel over.

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Italian Osso Buco recipe! If you like eat and cook Veal, this maybe a outstanding rendition of the classic recipe straight out of Italy!

The Bald Chef says:

Well anyway thanks for checking out my Osso Buco recipe! Don’t be fooled this is the real fag of Italy. If you don’t think so go to Italy and check it out! Your recipe sounds fantastic need to check it out!

Ian Lee says:

thank you for the video chef! there’s no chicken or veal stock, is it fine?

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks for the comment on my Osso Buco recipe that is in Italian for “bone with a hole” If you love veal this is a great recipe!

Andrew David says:

Who said you can’t get creative with ingredients?! Pesto seems like a plenty complimentary addition to this. I wonder, did you use it in substitute for gremolata in a way?

Thanks for the video. I’m a big fan of one pot/one pan meals and this looks great!

This is Whats for Dinner says:

You did a great job, looked outstanding and made me hungry. Cheers.

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks Richard for the view and comment. As an Italian you know what a recipe like Osso Buco should be cooked. I predicate that you could cook up this recipe to a new level.

Pedro Silva says:

Red wine, instead of white, wrong

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