Italian Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi lovely people of YouTube. Today I’m making the perfect spaghetti carbonara for all of you to try at home. It’s one of many delicious recipes from my new Food Tube book. Crispy pancetta mixed with egg and cheese for the ultimate creamy sauce. You will love it! Bless you all.

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Nate River says:

There are 3 videos of Gennaro making carbonara and I watch them all repeatedly.

Broom says:

carbonara is basically american breakfast (bacon eggs) with spagetthi

Brandon Kim says:

This one is so good and proper, why’d you put so much butter and butter and butter on the Jamie’s channel one Mr.Gennaro? 🙁

LadyChristie says:

Can you be my uncle and cook me carbonara like this everyday please?

Bela says:

my favourite pasta oh my my

Arief Imran Roslan says:

Antonio did it better

Frida Fridescu says:

What if we heat the spaghetti later? Will the souce have the same creamy consistence?

Rosaria Ficacci says:

non si leva l’albume dal tuorlo

Kirul seorang Periyang says:

wow i kind of think to learn a litle bit a westren food well kind of wanted to make my own cabonara hahah thanks for the video

Dark Addiction says:

If I can’t find that exakt cheese, can I use white cheddar?

Fanny Sjöstedt says:

i tried this and now i realize how much i really suck at cooking

JasonJacksonJames says:

No cream ? No raw egg ? Disgusting

Byron Jones says:

What a delightful man!

Petros Triantafillidis says:

i prefer also dry oregano on the finishing of the dish

Maximusil105 says:

I’m italian, and I tell if you is one of the best cook if do italian recipes in english, but I ask an thing: you could not be exaltated every time if you cook? That i see people who realli think we are so…

Raluca Munteanu says:

Lovely man

Shingo Sakuma says:

What if I finely mince the garlic and mix it in ?

Rasairi says:

1. You can use bacon or pancetta but originally it’s made with Guanciale
2. You can add cream but originally it’s made without cream
3. You can add a little leek or garlic or onion but origianlly it’s done without it
4. You can use parmesan but originally it’s done with pecorino
5. You can use any pasta you want but originally it’s done with spaghetti (oni ini idgaf)

Basically it tastes slightly better with cream if you don’t have super good eggs. Stop being so square about it, Italian cooking is simple because of the amazing ingredients available in Italy. At it’s core Italian cooking is all about simplicity, flexibility and freshness.

Sally G says:

Soooooo good so creamy !!!

Pablo Figueroa says:

Oh.. My,my!!!

Mohamed Omar says:

Thank you Mr Gennaro!

MrJudg3 says:


supamegaawesometime says:

He sounds like the penguin trying to do an Italian accent.

Nick M. says:

Pretty Goud! And did not get sick! 7.8/10

büşra kurşun says:

your Accent so good ahahah! I’m hungry and I’m buy pasta right now. Thanks a lot!

alireza bayesteh says:

im from iran and i so using of your videos,tnx

ObamaTaichou says:

Gennaro likes to live life on the edge 0:16 and he almost put his finger in that boiling pasta water

Kirul seorang Periyang says:

i nver eat a canara

Benedetta rogantini says:

Metti l’acqua dentro una pentola e la devi far scaldare finché sopra non ci sono molte bolle è semplice

Cederick says:



can i used tuna or chicken instead of bacon

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