Italian Recipes – How to Make Gnocchi

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Watch how to make potato gnocchi using a recipe that’s been handed down through the generations. It only takes three ingredients! The key is in the technique. See how it’s done.

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Merve Uzun says:

Clueless cook. Has no idea how to knead the dough. I flinched. Thanks.

John Smith says:

If this were titled “How Not to Make Gnocchi” I would have given it a thumbs up.

gsooo1 says:

Hi.. which sauce did u use? Because what u showed in the video looked really delish.Also when mixing flour into potato what should be the consistency of the dough?

Avi says:

1 cup potatoes and 2 cups flour? You are crazy. The ratio is around 1-2 parts flour for 10 parts of potatoes.

Bibi Noel Official says:

2 cups of flour??? that is a terrible recipe

beatmywifebeatrice says:

1st thing You’re supposed to BAKE the potatoes, 2nd, you use a ricer to mash, and 3rd there’s too much flour.

Cooking with Ste Italian Cooking Experience says:

I veri gnocchi si fanno con 2 parti di patate e una di farina…e l’uovo non va nell’impasto!!!!!

Alex Bigander says:

Are we suppose to season it or not?

Kitchen Italia says:

Great video!!! We are two Roman girls promoting having fun while cooking. Please, check out our YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Simo & Fra.’ Ciao!

Thảo Ngân Đỗ Đình says:

So much of flour! The dough could very dry! I think 1 1/2 cups flour is ok

gsooo1 says:

Thank u so much:-)

gsooo1 says:

Also how much would be potatoes by weight because the size may vary?

James Medina says:

smoke weed and eat gnocchi.

Christian Harbour says:

I dont think ur suppose to use egg whites…

Pat D.G. says:

Che disastro! nessun italiano mangerebbe sta roba! Please don’t ever serve this stuff to italian people! XD

Rica Jane Tolentino says:

Its like tokpokki. (korean rice cakes)

gsooo1 says:

Thanks. Came out perfect.but the quantity(2pounds) were too much than needed . Also 1&1/2 flour was enough for the dough . Thanks:-) (did it with basic marinara &cheese)

Kaylaloves pups says:

its so funny reading all the mad Italians in the comments!

Allrecipes says:

Thank you for your questions! We have a number of tomato sauce recipes on our site. You can try Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce or Spicy Roasted Tomato Sauce. For the dough, the consistency should pliable, not-sticky and smooth – similar to playdough. Enjoy!

Shabbadabadoo says:

This is the first Allrecipe recipe that I’m disappointed by. First off, way toooo much flour. You’re supposed to just dust the flour into the dough to bring it all together. It needs an egg mixed in with the potato. And you don’t have to flour each pillow immediately. You can cut them and lightly flour them if it’s sticky. But if done right and floured before the gnocci is brought together on the kitchen surface, it’s not necessary. Without having one, I know already the gnocchi will be tough and doughy. Not light and fluffy, as gnocchi should be. And btw, you shouldn’t peel the potato before hand, water gets in and ruins the recipe all together. YUK. Why all recipes, why?

Hana Jackowski says:

love them,so easy so tasty well done

Steve Madak says:

Also, my question is if you wanted to serve this later could you leave the uncooked gnocci in the fridge for a few hours, then boil it when your sauce is done? Or would you cook them, then somehow try to heat them up when the sauce/dinner is ready?

chase speer says:

my god its like the uploader beat orphans to death with the potatoes that they used. If you dont like this recipe, dont use it ffs

Bob Calliham says:

Too starchy , seem you have the opposite quantities. 10% flour to potatoes!

Cooking with Ste Italian Cooking Experience says:

I veri gnocchi si fanno con 2 parti di patate e una di farina…e l’uovo non va nell’impasto!!!!!

Alejandro1908 says:

Peeling potatoes before boiling them? OK…… 

Guido Bonanni says:

This is not how NONNA makes them

howyegettinon says:

or just chew on a ball of rubber instead……… way too much flour!!

Chrille Sandh says:

I’ve watched a bunch of videos and read alot on the web about how to make Gnocchi and it seems like you break every law there is when it comes to how to make Gnocchi…

Allrecipes says:

You would need about 2 pounds of potatoes, total for this recipe.

Vineet Honkan says:

my only worry comes from the creases you see before you wrap it in plastic…that makes me think it is not fully kneaded into a ball…

sunshine2049 says:

this recipe is a joke,  when making gnocchi you must use a ricer not a masher,  that is way too much flour and where is the salt to flavor it,?   the person in this video puts forth no effort when mashing or putting the recipe together,  definitely not well composed

Cooking with Ste Italian Cooking Experience says:

I veri gnocchi si fanno con 2 parti di patate e una di farina…e l’uovo non va nell’impasto!!!!!

fatshoki says:

that wasn’t ‘rolling’ down the fork. bad form.

Taren Ricks says:

For those complaining this recipe “isn’t right”. Why don’t you take your own time to make a video. You saying this is incorrect, doesn’t do anything other than make you look like a douche. If you don’t have your own video on making gnocchi you’re nothing but hot sir

John Yannacci says:

I’m sorry but this is a terrible recipe.  Gnocchi need to be light and fluffy.  The more flour you have to add, the heavier and denser they become.  Once the potatoes have been riced, let all of the steam escape.  That means less moisture to add flour to.  Add an egg yolk as it gives it flavor but, again, less moisture to absorb the flour.  Now, the most important thing, add the flour in very small increments.  The more flour, the heavier the gnocchi.  Once it is pliable, that’s when you start to roll and cut.  If you’re going to use a fork, for goodness sake, use the back of it.

holidaykitchen says:

There are hundreds of variations in making gnocchi. We made this one and loved it! There is no right or wrong to a recipe – try them all until you find the one that suits your tastes the best!

Cristina Hess says:

Don’t serve this to any real gnocchi-lover, especially if he/she is Italian! Bleah!
Good gnocchis have to contain as little flour as possible (250 g MAX for 1 kg potatoes), and the mix is made when the potatoes are steaming HOT – the cooler they are, the more flour they absorb and the resulting gnocchis can easily be used for playing golf.
And no egg. 

gsooo1 says:

Plz reply a.s.a.p

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