ITALIAN RECIPE How To Make Spaghetti

:2 pounds ground beef
2 jars spaghetti sauce
2 bay leaves
2 large chopped garlic cloves
Garlic oil from chopped garlic
1 large bell pepper
1 large onion
Spaghetti noodles
2 Tablespoons sugar
Salt & pepper , garlic powder accent , red pepper flakes , parsley for garnish soul seasoning, hot sauce optional
Shredded cheese for top
God bless enjoy


Shirley Clark says:

that look delicious

patrice moore says:

May I have a plate please ??? Lol

Elizabeth Csir says:

Dear Gina.,OMG…this is it, i mean it.

Shante White says:

The only negative I have about her videos is she doesn’t list all the ingredients & measurements in the description but says it’s listed. Love her recipes though

theresa bollman says:

Looks great! Gina some people put oil in their pasta water to keep it from boiling over. But they can more easily solve that problem by putting a long wooden spoon over the boiling pot. No more boil overs 🙂

Bonnie Flournoy says:

Love your recipes and the way you explain the various nuances of food and how they interact. Thanks; it helps!

Nancy Clay says:

This looks wonderful. Does anyone ever add some tomato paste to commercial spaghetti sauce if it is thin? (Some of those sauces are a little thin, it seems like.)

Harriett Stepney says:

I love how you made that spaghetti . That’s a great pot I normally make the sauce on top of stove then i pour everything including the spaghetti into a crock pot to cook.

Cheryl Lee says:

Hi Ms Gina, thank you for sharing, I’m new to your channel, but have been binge watching for a couple of days. Haven’t commented until now, because I wanted to know could we sauté the veggies before adding to the sauce or would that make them too soft? This dish looks good, much love from Cheryl

Gail Briggs says:

This is lke canned Spaghetti.
Italians don’t make it like this. I do sometimes though.

Mike Munoz says:

I love you, just made the spaghetti, oh my God, I eat half the pot. Please don’t stop I want more and more of your Cooking.

masked mofo says:

was watching on the laptop with my mom, she usually uses a tablet. she said this is so big i can’t see it (8′ thought it was funny

Shirley Clark says:

yes yes

ednalewis561 says:


patty williams says:

please don’t stop i want of your cooking i love spaghetti

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