Italian Rainbow Cookies Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 882

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Bhavika khatri says:

I don’t eat eggs
Do you know substitute for egg yolks and whites?

William Ming says:

that’s a great recipe

Tooba Shaikh says:

Hi laura, fabulous recipe. Can I use homemade almond paste?

Mel Anzo says:

anybody has an almond paste recipe full proof?

Jessica Lupinacci says:

you make me smile. you and your videos remind me of my family and home.

Joey Vi says:

I’ve always said My name ” Vitale like V-EYE-TAL- IE” what r u doing

Dolores Tacoma says:

why can’t i get the recipe… i did watch video,,, i want a printed recipe

Bianca B says:

is that the mic at 12:33?

Night Shift says:

It is not a red layer it is PINK!

Dee A says:

Laura I use a sheet of parchment or heavy paper, measure flour onto it then it is easy to add to the mixer

Ramya Padmanabhan says:

can you make singapore and india cookies i from india but i stay in singapore

Christopher Bigaouette says:

Italy Cookies Party?

Justin Penn says:

Her makeup and outfit on the second day was so lovely!!!!

Keri Xianne says:

They look so good

Blaine K says:

My aunt makes these around Christmas time so I only get them once a year if I’m lucky. bless.

Saif Kayed says:

where can I find almond paste?

Maria Rodrigues says:

Where can you get food colouring

Linda Fraser says:

Can I make this into a cake? I love this recipe!!

Georgia Johnsonn says:

I used to love these cookies but I can’t have them anymore since I’m allergic to nuts

emmadawngarofalo says:

not gay. probably asexual.

David Baj says:

Growing up in New York these were my childhood favorite. I’m not a baker but I haven’t had these in many years and I plan on making them. How would you put the chocolate on the bottom?

Tamika A says:

Thanks for all your amazing recipes

alicia kulp says:

these are my FAVORITE COOKIE

Cierra Grabowski says:

In the beginning when she says hi guys im laura vitale .. ya thats just gonna scare away her viewers

sweetninabean81 says:


Bella Cacciatore says:

I am Italian and these were amazing!

hockeylover246 says:

i grew up in a Jewish household and we ate these all the time. thank you Laura

Rozetta Avetyan says:

is it just me or can u just bake whatever u want when ever u want

Annemarie DiGiovanni says:

Hi can you make a 7 layer rainbow cake

Nirmal Mubashar says:

Laura you are amazing you make life easier ilysm

nukri gvian says:

merry christmas laura , you are amazing <3

Jennifer Mazzone says:

I’ve made these twice now and absolutely perfect! Only recipe I’ll ever use. Ty Laura, amazing!!!

shocksquach12 says:

her face makes me think that it tastes bad but i love rainbow

jayjayjj1000 says:

It looks too complicated am not even gonna try it, but I would like to test it you know.

Maria Rodrigues says:

Can you also put anything
That is not apricot

FundiThePone says:

These are my favorite cookies. Omg <3

OriginalLappen says:

I love that she tastetests everything at the end <3

nista 4ever says:

My FAVORITE!!!!! I never whipped the egg whites though.I will try it your way to see if there is any difference. I make red,white and blue for the fourth of July too 🙂

Autiana Boyer says:

I love your videos Laura!!❤️❤️

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