Italian Quesadilla Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 295

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portchmonkey28 says:

@Bestbakerever123 no she has a job

Viiviian Chin says:

Y no eat????

kasey chen says:

is it me or was there a male voice at 1:27?

Brooke Davis says:

She didn’t eat it, it’s the best part

Zaharkina says:

yes, we do having fun… Thanks

CassiopeaPr says:

In Italy we say “Piadina”. I never try with pesto. And I looove pesto. Next time I do!!!!

234343343A says:

Flour tortillas always have to be handmade! It’s an average quesadilla just for that!

Julie N says:

i love your voice

zu zu says:

haha nice

Day Heart says:

Ya…. U usually taste it! Its looks yummy…

Esther Moolchan says:

im 25 and im doing the same thing lol!!

Daniela Trivunovic says:


Mine` Fonua says:

I love your recipes that use up leftovers (because we always seem to have excess cooked meat in the house) and these make good and delicious use of them. I love all your recipes BTW.

MzzInternacional415 says:

I do this too! I do with veggies w the pesto
The best

Uriel Suarez says:

That looks so good.

wolfstriked says:

LAURA!!!! why u no tastee?

usagi18 says:

I’m Mexican… and I’d absolutely give it a try!!!

RODalicious says:


adi&ruby crisan says:

So easy !

Lalairu says:

I think that pasta with tomato does not have much fat, and is easy and fast to make XD _(sorrym my english is awful).

ZaynabMKassem says:


GamersUnitedDK says:

I dont know how many pounds you weigth.. Where you think you dont got much fat. You can cook that part of yourself 🙂

Melanie Helgeson says:

Folding it over?! That makes so much more sense, then putting another, cold tortilla on top of it and trying to turn that whole thing around, without making a big mess.
Definitely gonna try that next time!

portchmonkey28 says:

your a real insperation to cooks

SirParcifal says:

That’s a quick dinner!!! you can serve it with some risotto!!!

grimTales1 says:

Looks like an Italian take on a sincronizada.

TheRestlessKind says:

Just made this! It’s AMAZING! The pesto and salty meat and gooey cheese oh deliciousness! You must have some uber will power to make that much and not eat it all I had to make just a half one to stick to my diet but oh my the deliciousness

Franziska La says:

yummy 🙂

Danni1406 says:

hey laura I have a question: How do you get the funny taste out of new pots and pans or crockpots?

Armin Khanpour says:

I feel like I might bite into that, and unintentionally drag an entire piece of prosciutto outside of the quesadilla.

melle zijlsta says:

Isn’t it called piadina ? If not, could you please show how to make a piadina !

Princess Holmes says:

That look yummy ,and u didnt taste it :/

usagi18 says:

I’m Mexican… is it wrong if I find these quesadillas way yummier than the Mexican kind ?

Celeste Yeung says:

me too 🙂

maryam basar says:

im 9years old and i love cooking and baking i love your face. i tryed nutella cookies the were AMAZING may you plaese make a ham and egg break fast cup. your way please thanks

mocha_frappe says:

u don’t taste it!!!

Lalairu says:

I think so. You can buy rice noodles too, they cook faster. Fry some vegetables and some meat if you want and add the noodles with some soy souce for example.I hope this is helpful for you 😀

TheOfficialMG says:


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