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DON’T FORGET TO WATCH TILL THE END TO GET THE RECIPE FOR THIS DISH, or just fast forward the video to 26:10 that’s where the recipe starts.



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Phrophetess Latoya says:


Amina Renee says:

Dear Kisha!!!!i love love love your vids!! 🙂 You have given soooo many food ideas!!! Thank you lady. 🙂 Ok one question, i love wine but some are fattening due to sugar. what’s a good wine to drink that wont effect weight loss???

tweezee1976 says:

The passion of you eating this food is why people are watching! If you not smacking it’s not good! I’m all ears for every smack! Plus you look sooo cute all glammed up!

Shaylas Love says:


akmoss75 says:

Woo, girl! These Mukbang videos are like my food and conversation time and its good for my soul! And, uh, sis? Everybody makes eating noises, OK? Next time, I am seriously going to make food/ tea and watch your mukbangs. Its almost like I’m chilling with a girlfriend. Keep up the good work. I want to become a motivational speaker…wish me luck, and I hope your channel keeps flourishing.

Jalessa Washington says:

Kisha I have heard about intermittent fasting but never tried it until joining the family. I have been intermittent fasting for a month now (of course I have been following the channel longer than that) but any who I have lost 34lbs. I am shocked! Thank you for the meals, Mukbang, and family talks.

GLO says:

Kisha how does nutritional yeast taste?

P. V. Nguyen says:

Looks really good, here I am with my usually plain pasta with pasta sauce n call it a meal. Although I do like simplicity..

moni7ful says:

Thank you so much for the inspiration. I can’t wait for the results. I started the raw vegan meal plans today.

Naturally Blac Essence says:

Hey Family, I ❤ the turn in your channel. I’m so glad more people are seeing what a blessing you are. But I do miss the family vlogs. I know Dallas getting so big. And I miss Milan and her cartwheels, lol. And yo husband would have be cracking up. Tell the family I said hey. Loved this recipe. I’m just gathering up my vegan meals girl cause when I start I want to have some good meals to make it easy.

Nicole Slade says:

I can’t see your setup, but you always worry about how your face looks, why don’t you just put a small standing mirror near the camera so whenever you check on your camera you can see your face? Just a thought.

Lucretia says:

I love scrolling through the comments on your page because I see some of the most beautiful women of color commenting on your videos.

leakteamable says:

kishaplus4, would you give us the recipe for the banana smoothies

Azz B says:

Hey loving the vids keep it up! ❤️ btw just one question are these meals you post the only meal you eat in a day? Xx

kneenee71 says:

I knew about the fake rice but not the cabbage. That is crazy considering these are items you can plant and grow from earth so why make a fake version?

LM'S Day!!! says:

I put spice on my spaghetti!! i’m so glad I found you!!! I’ve been vegan for 12years & I love to see other vegans enjoying themselves! thank you!!

LaTreva Morrow says:

Wait isn’t that a wooden fork where can I purchase some

MoodyMarq says:

Hey boo where do u get your utensils from? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find them anywhere, lol!! I’m going to post this on a few of your vids cuz I know you may not see it just on one, lol!!!!

MyPrtybrwnskn says:

I cannot express how much I LOVE your MUKBANG’S!!!!!!

jewelt25 says:

Kisha you should do the mukbang in live chat so we can respond while your talking lol

Patricia POmpei says:

Awesome video. I lost 30 lbs in 4 months doing the same veggies and spices, and intermitant fasting. We all do that when we get fit. It is something fit people just do as a refound habit. I forgot when I was eating everything insite and now I just eat healty and habit just falls in place. Thanks for the beautiful videos. <3 You are a beautiful lady, with a beautiful looking family. I saw one of your family vlogs and that was great as well. Thanks.

Kia B. says:

Kisha some how I got unsub from your page. I missed the fam. Glad to be back

Mickey F says:

please forgive me if you answered this already….what is the name/color of your nail polish? food looks amazing

Peggy Chatelain says:


Abby Aguilar says:

Making this tonight, thank you!

Barbara Kenney says:

maybe you could eat for only part of the video as you don’t seem to say as much information when you eat. But you are a sweetheart and very inspiring

Leah Anne says:

Damn you Kisha, I wanted to skip the video to get to the recipe but I ended up watching the whole damn thing. STOP WITH YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

Leah Gets Lean says:

“That’s what my birthday is for.” Hahaha, that food looks soooo good!!

Blkrain77 says:

vitamins crush animal bones plastic cabbage yikes I NEED my own FaRM what about b12 u take that

Ashley Liani says:

That video that went viral about the “plastic cabbage” wasn’t made to be edible. It was display food.

Stephanie Anderson says:

LOL if you don ‘t get some noodle slap on your face you’re not eating it correctly! I think pasta should be fun just keep the napkin close! Great job with your journey! I am a low fat vegan too 🙂 xxx

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