Italian Cream & Mushroom Chicken Recipe

Super easy Italian style chicken with a cream and mushroom sauce. We have used chicken thighs but you can use any part of the chicken you like. Parmesan cheese, basil, oregano and single cream along with garlic and celery make up the rest of this easy to make recipe.
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Food from the Med include Italian, Spanish, Greek and from Portugal. It also include many of the smaller island countries such as Malta. This huge region of cooking is diverse and even covers many Arabic influences due to historical events. So it is not just pasta, pizza,tortilla or hummus. As rich as the day is long let us see how many wonderful dishes we can serve up for you.

Below are a few Italian food words with English translations.
Zafferano: saffron Zampone: sausage-stuffed pig’s foot Zenzero: ginger Zeppole: a fried pastry Verdure: green vegetables Vitello: veal (calf)Vongole: clams Taralli: round sweet or savory biscuits Tonno: tuna Torrone: nougat-type candy Torta: tart Salso: salt Saltari: sauteed Salumi: collective name for salami and similar cured meats Salvia: sage Sambuca: a colorless liqueur made from anise San Giuseppe: Saint Joseph Sarde: sardines Scaloppine: thinly sliced meat Sedani: celery Ragu: meat sauce for pasta Rapini: another name for broccoli rabe Ribollita: Tuscan bread and vegetable soup Ricotta: a fresh, mild cheese Ripieni: stuffed Riso: rice Risotto: rice cooked and stirred with broth until creamy Rollatini: small stuffed meat rolls, sometimes in a sauce Romano: a hard Pecorino cheese Rosmarino: rosemary
Rustico: country-style Pecorino: sheep’s milk cheese Peperoncini: dried red chiles Pesto: a sauce from mashed ingredients, usually basil Piccante: spicy
Pignoli: pine nuts Piselli: peas Pizelle: embossed wafer cookies Pizza Dolce: cake or sweet bread Polenta: a type of cornmeal Polipi: octopus Pollo: chicken Polpette: meatballs Pomodori: tomatoes Porchetta: whole roast pig cooked with herbs and garlic Porcini: meaty wild mushrooms Primavera: springtime Prosciutto: salt-cured, air-dried pork Provolone: a straw-white cheese, sometimes smoked Olio: oil Olio di oliva: olive oil Origano: oregano
Orzo: small, seed-shaped pasta Ostriche: oysters Manzo: beef Marinara: a plain tomato sauce Marinare: to marinate Marsala: a rich brown fortified wine Mascarpone: creamy, soft, mild cheese Melanzane: eggplant Minestra: soup (usually thick) Minestrina: thin soup Minestrone: thick mixed vegetable soup Mortadella: a large cured and spiced pork sausage Mosto Cotto: grape juice cooked to form a thick dark syrup Mozzarella: a pure white soft cheese
Lauro: bayleaf Lenticchie: lentils Limone: lemon Gamberetti: shrimp


tyas habibi says:

thnx you so much for nice receipt.. but can u tell me the green is life Wht,it’s mint life

toledavid89 says:

That looks wonderful! Gotta try this.

rona rona home cooking channel says:

That presents fantastic nice.. Im your new subscriber here hope you can drop by my channel too.

Georgiann Steer says:

what is single cream

Helsic Yiverus says:

wow this look amazing and it´s quite simple! I’m gonna make it today! thanks

Bobby Bryant says:

I would have liked to see it plated.

jumbosilverette says:

Bleu cheese — great idea. That dish would be wonderful served over pasta.

chipette says:

What’s the side dish on the plate?

Khary Marshall says:

you are the BOMB. Thanks again

Ray says:

You did a great job on this video, nice, easy to follow instructions. Keep up the good work. Ray

kitty katbaby says:

Can any1, any1 at all tell me the name of a dish that might fulfill this description? I went to a wedding where they served an Italian cuisine. The chicken dish had white cream, pesto and in was very juicy. It was almost as if it had been bathing in its sauce for a long time. I don’t remember much else bout what was in it but I’m hoping some1 knows what the name could possibly be, thx so much.

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