Italian Chicken Soup Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 228

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Justin Donnelson says:


jmatt4life says:

Looks good! I may try this recipe.
No puréed vegetables for me.
My mom’s chicken soup recipe leaves big cut veggies whole and it also includes rice. It is AWESOME!!!

Adam says:

No Basil. No fresh oregano or parsley. No sage. Mirepoix is off. No Gnocchi. Boo.

hooivork81 says:

looks amazing but would not puree it and put the tomato paste in before the water (to get the sour taste out of it)will give this a try!

Melissa Nelson says:

I’m making this tonight for the fourth time or so but I’m using skinless, boneless chicken thighs instead of chicken legs. When I use chicken legs, I feel like somehow there are always little pieces of bone that are still in the soup so I’m hoping this may work out better for me! Otherwise, I am absolutely in love with this soup! I always have enough for leftovers and pack it for lunch for work.

Cristina G. says:

Almost brought me to tears !!

Katrina M says:

will definitely try this recipe.looks great.p.s when you blow on food,pathogens from ur lungs are transferred to ur digestive tract,which can make u sick.

Maddison Dawn says:

This is my go too soup when I’m sick! And since moms don’t get a sick day I’m making it for myself as we speak! Can’t wait for hubby to come home from work so I can hibernate in my bed and snuggle with this soup!! Thanks Laura!!!

Nirmalie Bernard says:

i made this………….itz a nice receipe……..thnkz for sharing laura

Reshma Singh says:

Made my own version of this soup tonight
Thanks Laura for the recipe 🙂

Gemma Barrow says:

I would love to see you do a vegetable curry

mary madigan says:

Which kind of pasta? Is it fresh or dried

Clicker says:

Best episode ever!

Oliver Jackson says:

thank you chef

nusrat jahan says:

emonzionale 🙁 zuppa di nonna 🙂

Betty Brathwaite says:

Thank you Laura! Best chicken soup ever.

Emanuel says:

So simple, yet it looks amazing.

Nuy Adams says:

Before I cooked this recipe, I thought the taste would be like Thai Chicken Soup because the ingredients are almost exactly the same except for the butternut squash and pasta, which we don’t put in Thai soup. Anyway, today I cooked it. Wow! Nice soup; it tasted like a thick version of Thai Chicken Soup. I used pumpkin instead of butternut squash. I like both versions.

Sammi Conley says:

oh my lord in heaven, this looks so freaking good!!! i bought an immersion blender just so i could make it lol.

Othman Dawson Rachel says:

Can I use lean chicken breast instead of chicken legs

jimmy mccarty says:

i jumped the gun and addeded the checken before i had the chance to puree the veg’s

Iriz Perez says:

You could feel the love.

Angela Marcinkevich says:

I get that way when my uncle my nonnie’s son makes her sauce with the meats and meatballs for our Christmas ravioli just like she made

Abe Her says:

I love soups!!! Summer, winter, fall, spring, day, night ,overnight…… Soup person here…. Thanks Laura

Diana Pervaiz says:

can you make lasagna soup looks like a new type of soup

Carlos Martinez says:

Suddenly… that wonderful flash of emotions that came through your expression, reminded me of the emotions I had when preparing a recipe old and new. And, to add more to it, that scene of Remy in Ratatouille when pairing flavors! God… it was beautiful reading your emotions for five seconds.

Whisper2me says:

Pass the Kleenex please…..

Nathan Barraclough says:

Finally someone who uses purée like myself, I roast it in the pan then add chicken back then add the stock

jimmy mccarty says:

my wife thinks the only reason i watch your cooking video’s is because your pretty. I told her ” thats not the only reason ” lol

All kiddng aside, you make cooking easy and I look like a Chef around here now.

Deniz Senyilmaz says:

I teared up a little at the end. I do hope you visit home soon❤️

Ms Kate says:

I will be making this tomorrow:)))

Mark says:

Why water instead of chicken stock or broth?

NPhilly 4 says:

my jack is sick lol and making this! right now ll yeah excited

Weisz82 says:

y are so sweet, anche a me manca casa .

Michael T says:

Great recipe! I like the idea of puree the vegetables. Good one. Thanks, Laura.

kimber leigh says:

That was very sweet and honest when u took a bite. I had to rewind and watch it twice. I was moved. Your very sweet.

D. TM. says:

Great recipe thanks 🙂

ravyn good says:

Did someone just vomit in a pot or is that her “soup”?!

Queen Negus says:

aww she was about to cry! I’ve never seen her like that before.such a sweet girl.

Selita Navarro says:

Awww I loved this video it made me cry 🙁 and I always love when you taste your food at the end making me so jealous 🙂

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