Italian Chef Reveals Secret Family Recipe

What does a chef cook on his day off?

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Raquel Ramirez says:

This was a really relaxing video.

Nixon Lee says:

Wait! The little kids get to eat it too?!? It has wine in it!

Celia F. says:

I am Italian. I live in Genova. I never heard of this. Wtf


I’m sure the production crew loved there job that day

David Unkown says:

id love a step by step recipe, looks delicious

Mickenzie Wilburn says:

looks good AF

Eli Westbrook says:

that three year old is gonna feel it in the morning

Doggydog says:

Wait what? First of all ” ragù alla Genovese ” is a typical dish from Naples , not from Genova as many ” Italians” here say. For three people all that onion? No thanks, maybe half of that. You need to add carrots, celery, small tomatoes which we call “ciliegino”, extra virgin olive oil, basil and obviously meat. Cook over low heat is the secret, and when is half cooked add a glass of white wine or maybe two, not a bottle.

Jacklin Carter says:

Just as a heads up to peeps concerned about the wine thing, after 5 hours of cooking, most of the alcohol will be cooked out, BUT NOT ALL! The amount leftover really won’t do anything at all, it’ll be less then some cough syrups, but it will be there! If your religion prohibits you from drinking alcohol, sorry dude but you can’t do this recipe. My aunt has this super old bottle of dark rum in her cupboard from when she thought all the alcohol would be cooked out, but after research she found out that it is impossible, and she’s cheap so she doesn’t want to throw away this bottle of rum, so she just lets it sit there and smells it once in awhile lol. (she has since bought a container of non-alcoholic rum flavouring and it works just fine)

Omar Okzah says:

This video makes me cry

Alperen Safi says:

Before anyone starts asking, the alcohol in the wine is completely evaporated so it’s safe to give to children.

Stephen Wang says:

2:55 ha what about McDonald’s

Il Dema says:

WTF Ragu genovese? it don’t exist in italy. i’m italian. The ragu is from Bologna.. But it seems good, without rucola maybe

Sorry2Baked says:

pretty lame recipe doesnt really tell u much.. as in howto replicate it..

Nalassian says:

Take a real italian chef next time please.

akinda girl says:

If he doesn’t serve it in his restaurant cause it’s a family heirloom then why is he sharing it on youtube.

XS AFC says:

The baby is sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee omggggggggg

Morrigan Page says:



Italian Stallion says:

lol cuz his last name is very Italian

Desiree Zaragoza says:

I loved every second of this

Aurora4278 says:

I always make all that food. Is amazing!

Traci Critchlow says:

Looks so damn good

Rossella Dilluvio says:

oh please! He started with onions, garlic and wine? Just Google for the italian word “soffritto” and see where to start with your ragù…

Shirley Made says:

ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

Jimmy Nguyen says:

Salting pasta water is not good when you’re watching sodium intake, which saddens me immensely.

Jokerkat says:

I bet he’d be an awesome guy to work with. Really calm person. Also that looked friggin delicious. Gotta get a ceramic lined dutch oven so I can make more acidic dishes (stuff with tomatoes or vinegar in it). The one I have is just cast iron so the acid in certain ingredients will eat away at it and discolor it. Great for bread tho.

Hadi Jama says:

How did he give his child wine

FilthyRichDeng says:

Have you seen Chef?

Diana says:

that looked really delicious.. Im going to give it a go.

TheVitooo89 says:

Where does the chicken stock market come into play?

Federico Chiarello says:

come on,it’s isn’t the original ragù….i’ve etaed that just yesterday and i’m in italy,why you have fone that??

0mokona0 says:

ma la rucola se mettono pure nel culo?

Burrito Miester1128 says:

Thats a great shirt

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