Italian Butter Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 758

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gerlsus1 says:

They are ROYAL DANSK DANISH BUTTER COOKIES. They come in blue tin cans

Poland Invader says:

Where can you get Italian Sprinkles?

katrina salyga says:

I’m gonna break the rules and make these for Christmas

Rufeida Mukoon says:

danish butter cookies…thnx for z recipe, will try definitely…keep up z good work

Olive Nemeroff says:

danish butter cookies

Geetha Lakshmi says:

I remember eating them before 3 years for Christmas and i am so excited to try it now again

Carina Woodmansee says:

I never measure either. Drives me nuts when people ask for my recipes lol.

Raccoon Eyes says:

i always thought those blue tin cookies tasted yukky, so bland.

Tonia M says:

Hey @LauraintheKitchen, what’s the brand name of those confetti? So adorable! Thanks, Tonia 🙂

Carina Woodmansee says:

My family just ate three of those blue tins of cookies. And that twisted one you’re talking about is my favorite one too. Always the softest, flakiest one. Lightly sweetened to perfection.

Your cookies look amazing!!

Victor Bernard King, Jr. says:

Laura you can find those at Walgreens around this time Christmas

G Fallacara says:

The danish cookies! Lovely butter cookies

justpar2012 says:

What did you add to the flour in the green packet? Thanks

Ana Alonso says:

Danish cookies

Berenice Martinez says:

Lmao I do remember those cookies I use to love them!!!!!

Yusuf Sheikhomar says:

my dad loves the cookies

Julie Payne says:

I see that Kimberly answered your question.   They were a favorite of mine too.    They are so good, but I can’t have them now so I can make yours like I can have and enjoy them.     They are kind of like the spritz cookies too.

Angel Marandola says:

CVS sells them Royal Danish

hugguhead says:

Royal Dansk butter cookies

Leandra Siboo says:

Can these cookies be frozen?

Jual Segalanya says:

We have monde butter cookies here in Indonesia. We serve it every lebaran. I like that cookies so crazy, i will make this!

Sandra Wakefield says:

Dansk. I still buy em

Brandi Chinn says:

They were called Dansk Butter cookies .

comet react says:

It sucked

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