How to Make World’s Best Braciole Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe

Join Joe Borio, host of, “Cooking Italian with Joe”, in his kitchen as he brings you grandma Borio’s recipe of Braciola with a delicious tomato sauce and pasta. This is truly an authentic Italian recipe that brings you right back to old Italy for you and your family.
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Brandy Kessler says:

My grandmother used to make these-I have tried to pick these up in the meat department where all you need to do is bake them & add the sauce or gravy, but they always use a tough cut and a lot of sage. I can deal with a little, but they always overload it with sage. So far, I have heard neither of these in yours, so it sounds very good!

Terry Spindler says:


L S says:

You mentioned Reggiano Romano cheese. Did you not mean Reggiano Parmesano?

Dale Trayner says:

I had to walk away (I needed to hide my blushing) as you attempted to tie the string. I lost faith in your cooking ability with loose meat ends and loose strings etc. You had such beautiful opportunity with such a nice kitchen, nice steak….then…….pfft

Jared Mcallister says:

What cut of meat do you use?

rookiewidowmaker says:

I’ve made your chicken picata, & parm with your maranara sauce…excellent food, & cook, thank you .

The Haunted Butterfly says:

Looks beautiful well done you cant wait to try your recipe! x

SARAH Connors says:

My husband was taught to make gravy by his grandfather when he was 8. For the holidays he is making 20 quarts of this amazing gravy. He was taught to use ribeye thinly cut steak, he has decided to use skirt steak this year. Looking forward to eating his creation. GOD BLESS.

Forgotten Eden says:

Very entertaining in addition to informative. Thank you!

Norman Morgan says:

I love the recipes and how passionate you are about the food. And your taste in music is outstanding.

Eileen LeValley says:

Almonds? Nooooooooooooooo!!! Should be pine nuts .

Cynthia Smith says:

Been looking for a good braciole instruction. Thank you. On point. Subscribed.

Lori Bow says:

Beautifully done.

Mary Miskanis says:

HI JOE! FABULOUS!! THIS is what my grandmother used to make~ YUM and thanks for your videos!

Robye One says:


Owen Thomas says:

Oh my God! That looks and sounds absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for this recipe

KillerSalmon says:

I guess I know what I’m making on Sunday for dinner.

Mark Conti says:

Joe, i love your recipes, but you need to talk less, get to the point. I love the background, Joe i could match stories with you, Italian’s have Family stories, more than Walt Disney.

Alexa M Heying says:

Have the thin steak, RAN to u for a Braciole recipe. Making this week with spinach. I’ll let ya know. TY Joey!

Tim Philfellinabrook says:

Oh man this brings me back to my childhood.

SandyRn42 says:

Love, love, love this guy… fantastic personality and great cook. Really enjoyed this video.

The Scibsters says:

Giuseppe, did you leave the string on when you cut it up? I made some smaller ones this weekend. First time in years making it using flattened eye round sandwich cuts like my nonie did. I tied them and then cut the strings off before serving.
I want to make a couple huge ones like you did. Just wondering about your string technique here and reasoning to learn. Thanks bud.

Bill Grandone says:

Joe, being from an Italian family I have to laugh when I see something called “authenic Italian” , My take on that is “There are as many authentic Italian recipes as there are authentic Italian grandmothers- and no two make the same dish the same way. ” This is why we never had two Italian grandmothers in the kitchen at the same time. You’ll starve to death while they argue over how the food should be prepared correctly.

Anne Kennedy says:

I think Joe has had some of the red wine himself… not sure his Italian grandma taught him how to do this…

Valdinemarshall Marshall says:

Hello Joe.I done like olive oil.Can i use vegetable oil instead.Also my son does not eat bacon what can i use instead of.Love this recipe.What cut of meat did you used.

James Locke says:

Nice recipe. I’ve been told that onions and garlic clash in a dish such as this one. In Italian cooking in Italy, I found that they use very high-quality ingredients as fresh as possible but fewer items than American cooks. But since I almost never go into the kitchen except for coffee I will bow to your expertise.

heeder777 says:

Love the presentation and the recipe, but hey! You were playing “Baby it’s cold outside” FANTASTIC. I know this was made before all the snowflakes said it was sexist so don’t change a thing Pizan! Love the video. I’m sweating onions and garlic as I reply!

Charles Breen says:

What types of wine do you recommend for using in this particular dish?

RamZ says:

Thanks for the detail narrative along with the cooking demonstrations.

Angie Murillo says:

Enjoy watching and cooking your meals thank you

Vinny Salsiccia says:

Dude, f-cking awesome!!! I wanted to eat my computer screen! looks great…you genuinely made me hungry! Great job!!

Tonithenightowl says:

Hey, what do you mean I’m funny? I amuse you? What’s so f-ing funny about me? I still say it was this scene in Goodfellas that won Pesci his best supporting actor Oscar award. Apparently in real life, back in the day, some wiseguy pulled this on Pesci and like Liotta’s character, it took him a while to catch on. lol Great recipe Joe, never heard of almonds in the stuffing but I’m gonna trust you on this one.:o)

NO5X says:

Joe, my mother’s Ciaburri family is from Foggia, Puglia Italy. Our favorite pasta is Orecchiette, “little ears”, great pasta with gravy, Minestrone soup and as a side dish with Chicken Cacciatore.

Greg M says:

London broil for the meat ?

Norman Morgan says:

Just watched this again. Now I’m craving braciole! Pretty sure that will be on the menu one day next week. This is one of my favorite dishes that I first encountered in a little place in Daphne, AL. I had it there on our first visit. When we went back a year later, I was disappointed not to see it on the menu. When I mentioned to the server how much I had enjoyed it before, she explained that their menu selections rotate as the chef’s inspiration changes. So I ordered something else. But, a few minutes later the server returned and said she told the chef what I had said. He thought a moment and said he had everything needed and would be glad to prepare the braciole specially for me. Needless to say I left a LARGE tip that night.

dja2468 says:

Scar tissue?

africansnowqueen says:

Hope this is good bc too much talking before starting. Lol! Looking Go-o-o-D!

Melissa Culpepper says:

Hat an awesome video! I will be attempting this for New Year’s Day dinner!!!

Dena Lambert says:

What a wonderful video! This is the exact instruction I was looking for and the good humor is a refreshing bonus! You’re a great teacher and the food looks delicious! Thank you!!

Linda V says:

now I got to make it! looks great. when I was a kid, we were too poor to put all that cheese and pancetta, etc., we just did break crumbs and hard boiled eggs. Yours seems AWESOME!

maria manna says:

Making it today for tomorrow. I think like most Italian food, it’s better the second day, no?

J Singh says:

Your food looks absolutely amazing! Please tell me where I can find your recipe. Thank you!

Carol S. says:

I didn’t notice that you took the strings off after you cut it. Did you?

Connie msmaltesecross says:

I want to know what cut of meat to ask for at my butcher’s, please.

douglasmcmillion says:

Excellent lesson. However, you’a mix’a up’a da Godfather with’a da Goodfellas. So be a good’a boy, an don’t do again or we’ a gonna go fishin’ on’a Lake Tahoe. Capice? Lol JK

Truckin American says:

Hey Joe my Ma just turned me on to your videos . So far I like what I see . Thank you keep it up . When is the food network going to come calling?

arrivagabry says:

glad you know that in Italy they are called involtini, braciole is a piece of meat on a bone, usually pork chop, braciola di maiale. but for some reason down south they call them braciola

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