How to Make the Worlds Best Fettuccine Alfredo Cooking Italian with Joe

Join Joe Borio, host of “Cooking Italian with Joe”, in his kitchen as he makes Absolutely Awesome, Fettuccine Alfredo with Homemade Pasta. This is the most creamy, cheesy, and rich Alfredo sauce you will ever have. Bon AppetitPlease Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
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Avilla cabrera says:


Elizabeth B. says:

The second he whipped out that spoon for the pasta I couldn’t have hit subscribe harder

Del Williams says:

And you are leaning on the cutting board with your hair arms. Bye.

!mrdunn brucvald says:

This looks amazing, and elegant…but I still prefer the original recipe, which is simply to
toss noodles with unsalted butter, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, and a splash of pasta water if necessary.
No cream, onions, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, wine, or shallots whatsoever.

lizbeth navarrete says:

What kind of pasta

TheEuroace says:

While we are at it.. .Italians (grown ups) never uses a spoon eating pasta… Children might do so… but seldom…

Denise Waters says:

I jus tried this recipe but I put chicken in mines but the Alfredo sauce was delicious made it jus like u said..thank u.

David Williamson says:

is the wine dry or sweet?

sharry hope says:

Thanks Joe for doing these wonderful cooking videos. I love the detail that you go to to explain the recipes and show what we need to do. I love the music too but to me it’s a little distracting when you’re explaining everything. Would love to hear the music at the beginning in the end though. Thanks so much

Hiding from You says:

That’s all you serving? I’ll starve at your house.

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

This is like the best recipe I’ve ever run across. Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite dish. What if you don’t have wine though?

zuriel says:

Such a story for each ingredient.


We don’t eat that in Italy

linda parker says:

Um look so good & delicious!!! Will try this recipe.

Michael DeRamus says:

I tried but failed at it.

David Williamson says:

Surely when you heat the Olive oil you are breaking down the nutritanal value of the product?

David Williamson says:

Do you loose the flavour of the wine?

barry musgrove says:

After doing some research I came to the conclusion this isn’t Italian but American the Italian dish is simple butter and cheese this = chop suey to the Chinese

Kat F says:

Hey Joe! I made this on Saturday! Bellisimo!!! It turned out perfectly! When I used to work in fine dining, our maitre’d used to make this tableside. Other than the nutmeg, inion and garlic he used egg yolks and white wine. Your recipe rocks. I have my own way of making it and I use white wine. I learned from the restaurant when it was made tableside. Your base with onion and garlic and nutmeg kicked it up a couple notches! Excellent Joe!


That was the best fettuccine alfredo ever!!! I loved it and the way you spoke about the recipe….you made it easy to follow. great tips the dish is a hit with my family I will cook it over and over again!! I loved it thank you!

A V says:

Keep eating like that you going to have a heart attack

Lisa McGrath says:

Thank you for teaching the recipes ☺

Vincent Parra says:

Thanks ⚡️!!!!!

lizbeth navarrete says:

Which wine you used??

Ayla C says:

tried to do it and almost burnt the kitchen lol

Lola- Tutu Vlog says:

I like the fact that he didn’t edit this video! You could see everything step by step and in details.

chitown017 says:

Cannot wait to try this recipe………..if you don’t want the pasta to stick together when cooking use a wider pot.

GhostGrind says:

No videos on how to cook ziti?

maritakperu says:

Great demo.. just adore italian food… Can you tell a bit more about that bottle of Pinot Grigio wine, please?..

TheEuroace says:

Al dente means “To the teeth or – for the teeth…” not “par boiled/half boiled or anything else… 🙂 Sorry:-) Enjoyed Cooking with Joe:-)

Lady Tate says:

finely sliced leeks in place of onion… yummy!



Ed Keaton says:

“Fettuccine Alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults.” –MITCH HEDBERG. This would be the perfect dish to eat on February 7th. which is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day. That finished plate looked pretty good too. Thanks for the upload, Joe.

Napolean Thomas says:

I made the Chicken Marsala, creamed spinach and garlic roasted mashed potato recipe from your website for my wife for mothers day and all three were amazing. I went ahead and made a Cod Marsala since I do not eat chicken and added vegetable stock in lieu of chicken stock and it turned out great. I am going try this recipe since I am a huge fettucine alfredo lover and see how it goes. My only question is if you wanted to add seafood to it like shrimp, scallop or crab meat is there anything I should be mindful of other than following this recipe and adding the seafood?

How We Rowe says:

Hey everyone we are a family Chanel that posts videos making and trying new foods we have a video very similar to this please check it out

Jess B says:

Joe my father passed away last year and the last meal we made together was Fettuccine Alfredo with homemade pasta. You remind me so much of him and the way he cooked, spoke, looked. I’m cooking this dish for my mother and sister Sunday – it would’ve been my dads birthday. Thank you SO much for making my night ❤️

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