How to make Italian Wedding Soup – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep. 105

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WOW says:

I made this soup after your recipe.  It was very good, but I wouldn’t put lemon rind in the little meatballs.  I don’t think it gives it a good flavor.  That’s one thing I’d leave out.

KingCarlofcarlWorld says:

The lemon zest is a secret ingredient.  Great recipe.

LM907 says:

OMG, Laura this looks wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to make it

Carmela Hilton says:

I make this exactly the same way with the same ingredients, including the spinach and zest

Cathy Perdue says:

I use a whole chicken & start like a reg chicken soup, use gr.chuck,veal & pork for meatballs & always use chickory or escarole. At the end I beat several eggs with Parm cheese and add to soup and stir for a few mins til done. Serve with Italian bread. Yummy have this at least once a month.

Cedrick Antoine says:

She’s so pretty

Frank Schulz says:

Thanks to your video, my first attempt, at making Italian Wedding Soup, was a success. Thank you. Delicious recipe.

Mike Hill says:

The high rising terminal is unintentional but feels condescending.

Billzebub says:

Parmee johno ee johno

motionless killer says:

I want this at my wedding…..

Marguerite Grasso says:

Love this soup 🙂

Valentina Špo says:

omg, in this video u saund like Hilary Duff 😀

Agnes Mendes says:

Thank you so much ! I make this soup today ! I love it !!! Best regards from Ireland !

fistlaw24 says:

You’re the best!! Please make Monte Cristos 🙂

natalee Dunn says:


Kulinary Kreations says:

I want to make this so bad! But I’m going to use Orzo pasta. This looks delicious! I’m going to use ground chicken, too. Healthier I think. TFS!

Anastasia Margareta says:

we call similar recipe “baso pengantin” (bride’s meatball) here in Indonesia 🙂

Daisy Castro says:

I made the soup today. It was fantastic. Very tasty, easy ingredients, and healthy! I used spinach pasta.

#anthonyron82 says:

I have a much simpler recipe, Progresso Traditional Itallian Style Wedding. Open can, heat up, serve.

Audra Hollis says:

I love this recipe. I use ground turkey for the meatballs but use her guidelines and recipe. The meatballs that cook in the broth are unbelievably tender

JeepDan777 says:


Billy Velardo says:

You don’t put ricotta cheese in there?

Journeyman Curry Man says:

@2:53 Boo that you don’t like Pecorino, just boo. You don’t look like your ancestors come from Emilia Romagna. Pecorino is both far more flavorful than parmigiano reggiano and far cheaper.

Jhenevie Torrado says:

Is there any alternative for the egg? Allergic! 🙁

Ray Slilivock says:

I love all your recipes …even i didn’t try..ingredients tells its perfect…the way u cook it ..time and everything.
shows its really good..

Bel Fiori says:

Milk in our meatballs too. I love Peccorino 🙂

jannmutube says:

Your recipes are some of the best. I think the fresh taste of lemon zest is probably something similar to putting tomatoes sauteed in butter in chicken soup. It’s a competing flavor with the chicken broth but I have come to like it. However, I think I will reduce the lemon zest by 2/3 for my first try. I might also slightly brown the chicken meatballs before sweating the veggies and add them back a little later between the pasta and the spinach. Hopefully, they don’t fall apart.

Tracy Stumpf says:

It’s a Great Wedding Soup . How it should be . I am a connoisseur of a good wedding day soup this is good.

SirParcifal says:

Can you use beef meatballs?

Lil Leslie says:

I’m watching this video while eating my canned soup of this lol

Ramon C says:

I save my Reggiano rinds for when I make Wedding Soup! This is the best quick hearty meal to fix for a big group of people! 

Nathaniel Zhu says:


Mrs Evette Keen says:

Laura you are an amazing lady….soooooo talented…thank you for sharing!

sky 1187 says:

I like this girl. Why is called Wedding soup?

Jocelyn Quetoriano says:

Ms.Laura can i substitute minced pork in this soup

LolDarrellLol says:

sounds like you have a cold or something on this video

Anstria Tarot says:

I prefer the peccorino Romano to the parm regg because the peccorino is far milder – I import both from Italy. It surprised me that you find the opposite to be true. But for these, mostly peccorino with a little parm is nice, I make the meatballs with mild minced lamb. The lemon is lovely with the lamb as well. Great dish!

Chris Corsi says:

beautiful soup but you have to fry those meat balls brown.

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