How to Make American Lasagna | Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe With Out Oven | Grandpa Kitchen

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How to Make American Lasagna | Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe With Out Oven | Grandpa Kitchen

How to Make American Lasagna | Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe With Out Oven | Grandpa Kitchen


primagama Harapan jaya says:

Thats the real bitch lasagna

Natasha N says:

You are using K’s kitchen sauce! She’s a close friend! Why is Grandpa so frekking adorable?!?!?

Nautilus says:

They always like chilli’s huh

xLexPotato 21 says:

Grandpa! 😀

Aaron Alex says:

in what world does mixadi yebzu sound like mixed herbs

A.R.M.Y says:

He is a good man

Dead Zone says:

chicken lasagna sounds bomb…. i know what I’m making next week… I wonder if I can make a fusion recipe work with some Indian spices… hmmmmmm maybe instead of marinara, I can make it with a tikka masala… I think real lasagna needs ricotta… but… hmm I’ll think of something. 😉

Debra Galvan says:

Grand Pa is those kind of old persons that have always been hard working this man with out last all of us he’s stronger than me im in my 50’s and had a couple of back surgeries.

Bảo Phạm says:

Như cứt

Yngrid .Mozombite says:

Se ve buenazo!!

Krish Bhakta says:

Good job grandpa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Telestai says:

Miam !

Rudy Black says:

Godbless this guy. I know god has a spot saved for him in heaven for his generosity and love. He inspires me to be good

vasu net says:

Narayan Reddy saab I love you

Fair Take says:

God bless grandpa.

ender 123 says:


M!ng says:


Mel says:

100% not original italian

Gustav West00916 says:

Have i made lasagna wrong my whole life, this man boils the pasta before hand

Paul de Backer says:

I like grandpa’s style. One word for each ingredient.

Lost Hope says:

DIY never die yeah

Mathis Cavalli says:

Bitch lasagna

Trương Bảo Hân says:

He is supporting pewdiepie

EnderJ says:

I’m italian
1)we use all meat in lasagna but not chicken
2)The water must boil before putting lasagna pasta
3)we don’t use butter, pepper and chili
Use this point and your lasagnaIt is counting that you are in America would be perfect
Good luck
Hello from italia

Smailon Old-times says:

bitch lasagna

Chase M says:

My stomach growling now, that looks good!

Nardilla H says:

Who disliked? Are u psychopath?

Rudy Black says:

Chicken lasagna super sayian 5! 🙂

Ğrapę graal says:

That’s some “Lasagna” Get it the song bit$& lasagna. W.

Sushiboii says:

Bitch lasagna bitch lasagna

Chiggsy says:

Wondered why he used chicken in *classic* lasagna recipe but the realised he Most likely worships cows

abu akasha says:

I think grandpa have a military background..he knows how to cook many dishes

سرى واثق says:

مين عربي لايك

Hande YILMAZ says:

You are amazing grand pa!!! do you need a hand from Australia?

strongmousee says:

I LOVE how grampa says mixed herbs.

se se says:

he needs to be featured anywhere big

Player Gamer says:

Oh you beautiful human being

SwagScoper says:

this man is better than t series he feed kids good food

Mya Booth says:

He’s doing his part even if it’s not directly

HHazarika69 says:

*bitch lasagna

Junhyoung Kim says:

Beef is better than chicken but they dont eat cows. Bitch lasagna

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