Homemade Limoncello – Italian lemon liqueur recipe

Limoncello, so easy to make – result ensured for this typical Italian liqueur recipe.

You just need good lemons and pure alcool. Forget about the commercial Limoncello you find in the stores, you will make it 10 times better! Trust me!

Ingredients for 1.25 lt (0.33 gl) of Limoncello

0.5 lt (0,13 gl) of pure Alcool
0.75 lt (0,20 gl) of water
250 gr (8.81 oz) of sugar
5 lemons bio



Peal 5 lemons. Put the peals in a big jar and pour in it half liter of pure alcool (95°).

Let the peals rest in the alcool for 10 days (shake every 2/3 days).

Past 10 days, warm 0.75 lt of water and melt 250 gr of sugar in it. Let this sirup cool down.

Once the sirup is cold, pour in it the alcool (that now turned yellow) with the lemon peals.

Give a good mix and the limoncello is ready to go into a bottle. Use a strainer for this last step to avoid any peals into the Limoncello.


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Betty Johnson says:

Loved your Limoncello recipe! Made it over the holidays. YUM!

Bill Terry says:

That green thingy is a funnel lol I want to try this every video I’ve seen people love it.

princed47130 says:

WHY does no one use the lemon juice too with the zest????

Judi Christopher says:

just say add “Alcohol”….
That is not a GOOD answer…
What kind of Alcohol????
Grain Alcohol… Like Vodka???
Not a good receipt

benji benji says:

i guess you end up with a 15% alc wine cooler lemonade.

Simone Cerulli says:

before watch this video I didn’t know how to make limoncello!you’re great Valerio!thank you!

princed47130 says:

It’s called a funnel in English.

s stanga says:

Please tell me what kind of alcohol .? Love to try to make this for the summer months.

marie joy says:

Organic lemons
It’s a funnel.
This can be made with milk or cream instead of water but it won’t last as long.

Guillaume cds says:

lots of missing infos compares the other youtube videos about Limoncello

Betty Johnson says:


Jaymunnie says:

Could you do something like this with limes?

Stephanie Cordle says:

If you can’t peel a lemon then you shouldn’t be cooking?!!.. RUDE!!..Maybe if you don’t know the name of a kitchen utensil you shouldn’t be cooking!… It’s a Funnel!!!

Aaron Ragsdale says:

It’s a funnel XD

Deanna Pyszka says:

How long will it stay fresh?

gtx332 says:

Good job!

Mara Venu says:

Where do u get alcohol? And that bottle?

Time's Up says:

Put it in the freezer or you’re going to die?

Edward Valentino says:

That’s an amaretto bottle ? Yes?

Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

Di dove sei Valerio?

Aaron Ragsdale says:

Looks great!! Off to get some lemons today from the store

Sergio Noguer says:

Awesome! After a while the limoncello becomes less colored. Is there some way to stabilize the pigments without using a colorant?

Casimir Zoutendijk says:

Great recipe. I noticed that in Italy pure grain alcohol is readily available, even in supermarkets. How can you get it outside of Italy? Do they have EU shipping? (In the Netherlands they only sell up to 81%abv, which just doesn’t cut it)

bulent caglar says:

Can i add lemon juice in?

dustan patterson says:

imbuto or funnel

Judi Armstrong says:

Hi there, how long does it last for once made please?

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