Gennaro’s Italian Meatball Sub | ft. Jamie Oliver

Gennaro’s got an Italian meatball recipe that’s so good even Jamie can’t resist swinging by for a bite.
Tender, juicy meatballs in a thick homemade tomato sauce covered in melted mozzarella and served in a New York style sub with handfuls of fresh rocket.
As sandwiches go this one will probably be the best you’ve ever tasted. Get cooking!

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Sergey Khristoforov says:

Jamie come from hangover?

Koen Prud'homme van Reine says:

I’m definitely making this for movie night! It looks de-li-ci-ous!

bombassdude says:

3:44 Gennaro was the original saltbae

SehMatjoe says:

What a clumzy guy

RazzorMortem says:

Bread’s soggy, meatballs are bland… that was dreadful. Solid one.

Sphinx says:

Where are the subtitles ?

ReverbShock10 says:

“a little bit of a mozzarella on top” then he just puts almost all of it on top hahahahaha gotta love this guy

Shiroimeku Ooniwa says:

too italian

Dennis Rodriguez says:

who in the fuck could dislike this video, this was awesome, im making this tommorow myself. it looks absolutely delicious.

Jack Stevens says:

I be that sub has an overpowering taste of tomato, I want to taste the meatballs

williamjver says:

Are these meatballs better than the ones they sell at Ikea?

transikk says:

You DO need wine:)

Rishiek Shah says:

such an awesome an enthusiastic person…

Dark Blood says:

That Accent tho

Karthigan Sritharan says:

I’d be upset if this man is an actor

michael demeo says:

jamie Oliver has no buisness making italian food

Sammy says:

Is it me or does he go into a strong south cockney accent from time to time?

2ossy says:

Just go to subway, saves some time

Vládce Galaxií says:


Chris Barnett says:

I’m no master chef but I get the definite impression that the sub that went into the oven isn’t the one that came out lol.

Rosario Esposito says:

1 carrots and 2 chili <3

angelorso969 says:

POLPETTE!!! Porca zozza si chiamano polpette

Alliemoul says:

we made this the other day, OMG the best meatball subs we ever had, and we had so much sauce left over that I made pasta with it, OMG no joke, the best pasta we have ever had, I added sausage we had to it, and lots of parmesan, seriously, you will never go to an italian restaurant again if you make this!!

Tavor Lexotan says:

In Italy we don’t cook this shit. That’s fake.

ed china says:

a meatball sub,you sell out gennaro,i expect that crap from mr oliver but from a 1st rate chef like yourself, never.

Neal Choudhury says:

I love him… He makes cooking so much fun to watch… Lively spirit.. and damn i’m hungry…

laurens b says:

4:26 45 tablespoons?!?!

aaaaah.. 4 to 5. Had to do a double take there

ChickenSwordz says:


AMG or BUST says:

I’ve never had a really good Meatball sub

BeardMan .S says:

“SUB-SCRIBE” I see what he did there

Dara Abimbola says:

Did anyone see the piece of raw meat in the meatballs or was it just me (when he was putting it in the soup)

Antonios World says:

Genna wa a casa

williamjver says:

Im watching this on 4 K.
I put fork marks on my monitor screen.

DeMauri Nycole says:

his accent is so confusing. it’s Italian at one point and then sounds very english

muscleandmath says:

his accent is like an Italian mixed with Cockney. Says just want a little crust in Italian accent. then says Tha’ is ready.

Ross Barrett says:

Jamie is a prick

minglemonkey says:

Every now and then Genarro’s accent changes to cockney! He’s awesome! 🙂

Boxings Finest says:

The passions off the scale

Faith Kerekere says:

this makes me happy!

son ia says:

l love his accent !! lovely

camilo cruz says:

hola alguien sabe donde los puedo ver en español por favot

MsMichaela999 says:

I cannot stand tinned tomatoes! I think it is the worst thing that could ever happen to tomatoes! The rest of it is yum 🙂

Have a Nice says:

So can you let this cool and store in the fridge to use at a later date or do you have to use it all in one go?

IsaakHunt says:

Hah! The moment I thought “I think it would be great, if you’d pop it in the oven for a few minutes!” – boom, it’s in the oven. Then I thought “Rucola might work nicely on this!” – boom, it’s on.

Next time I have some friends over, I know what I’ll prepare.

Navaneeth Ramesh says:

the way he did it! !wonderful

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