Gennaro’s Family Lasagne

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe guaranteed to bring all the family together, look no further than Gennaro’s classic Italian lasagne. A rich Ragu sauce layered between sheets of fresh lasagne, a creamy bechamel sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. Serve with a crisp garden salad and oomph! Homely, authentic cuisine from the one and only Gennaro Contaldo. Enjoy!

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Zinnia Mcfardin says:

80 Grams flour???

María Zamorano says:

“One litro of milk” jajaja espanglish! Saludos desde Chile chef!!

Alexia Politis says:


Cz A says:

It’s super delicious! Best recipe! 🙂

neyikenhai says:

This is the real deal. Simple as that.

Philip says:

Can you please be my personal cook ? … I would pay you good !

Bollywood Movie Review by C. says:

awesome…and yumiiiii!!!…<3

peteyinjersey says:

I never had English Lasagna before

А Ночи Тёмные says:


Omari Thompson says:

Confused at the lasagna sheets. I’ve always known lasagna to be thick, and cooked the same way you do pasta. Now all of a sudden I see people using ready made thin sheets. What gives?

cat kazemi says:

omg just amazing!! I Will cry this Lasagne for my too! thank you gennaro!

MakeupByNiomi says:

At the end “who’s angry”…. ooooo he meant who’s hungry 😀

Poonam Shandil says:

Why the hell am I watching this

nadir dadi says:

Gennaro is like the italian grandfather I never had

DawerDebully says:

I love his accent. there’s italian with a little bit of british in it haha

Wolfy Lubberwort says:

Finally someone on yt, who actually knows how to make lasagna.

danielsonn77 says:

Best accent for English language EVER. It’s funny thought how every single version of lasagna is so different !!! BIZAAARRRIOOOOOO

Frank Rollerskate says:

please you american friends or english or whatever, do not ever watch channel like Foodz or others.
You need to watch italians making italian cuisine if you want to learn properly each recipe.

Phoebus003 says:

Is he Simone’s father or uncle? I see the same level of enthusiasm.

Wise Bear says:

idk why but this made me cry.

Talento ZERO says:

Why do I watch this shit when I’m hungry?


hes fun !

Morris Weber says:

Love y ❤ Constanze

Little Chef says:

“Who’s angry? (Mutters Behind their backs) “hairy cunts”

andhika bagja says:

make me miss my mom lasagne

ma.arlene javier says:

i love the way you teach cooking. Keep on teaching ….i ‘ll keep on learning .THANKS God bless you

Bryan 0506 says:

do u cook the lasagne sheet frst?

David Mitchell says:

what is that outdoor oven

Aman Jamwal says:

Looks superb!

James Cavazos says:

I’ve made it official, I’m adopting you as my Grandpa, regardless if you like it or not.

M.N Jor says:

I like all of your recipes … when i watch you i always feel like jumping into my kichen and start cooking them

Anders Bratrud says:

Did you not boil the pasta plates in water first?

Richard Buchanan says:

Next time let it stand for about 20 minutes so it’s not so runny

Helena and Vikki says:

Yum!! Send some to Sydney x

이다상 says:

i read it like la-sag-ne and soon realizes it is lasagna

jo ra says:

neapolitan cusine…so.many cheese

default user says:

Just enough for me….. No family needed if i do that 😀

Sahil Jan says:

I love your food meno in your talk

William Cecil says:

Easy to cook and delicious <3 I cooked lasagna for special occasions!

Philip Mercieca says:

You Aree Greeaattt!!

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