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Here is a simple Italian recipe you can try, it’s called Cacio e Pepe. This recipe only requires a few ingredients, but it is really delicious!

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TheOpelkoenjas says:

In my opinion you are *THE BEST* cook on YouTube when it comes to Italian food. I’ve already tried a few of your dishes, and they always come out EXACTLY as I want them to taste, as in that real authentic Italian regional food (unlike the crap you even sometimes get in high end restaurants). You don’t do anything fancy with it, you don’t alter the original Italian taste, nothing expensive is being used and every dish is easy to make but yet oooooh so delicious. It’s what I call the REAL comfort food! You get a long standing ovation from me, Pasquale!!!! Salute!

Ps: do you have a recipe (or several) for lasagna? I’ve been trying to make it 3 times now, and it never comes out as I remember eating it in Italy. There’s always something missing, taste wise, and the pasta always comes out wrong (not cooked enough or just blend) and I just can’t put my finger on what I’m doing wrong. Cheers.

Mando Sanchez says:

Easy recipes I make tomorrow for my boss they’re italian

mixwell1983 says:

I saw someone put the peoper in the oil mixture that you did. Like aglio y olio but with pepper instead of garlic. Seems to flavor the oil..

Brea O'Donnell says:

we are making this tonight!!! Thank you so much!

meow kardashian says:

this whole time i thought this was just my own poor mans ghetto alfredo haha

thedarkener says:

I’m loving these videos, thank you for sharing them!

Aris1956 says:

Pasquale… why you say  “Spagheri” ??

One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

Wonderful dish!

Linda Benavidez says:

Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it.

Erick says:

Primero òó

OverEazy says:

nice and simple

Claudia Valentini says:

It’s a typical recipe of Rome:CACIO E PEPE.But it’s not your recipe!!

jb listener says:

Great for a hot day, and inexpensive survival food when I was younger!  Now I know a delectable name for the dish! 🙂

Victoria C says:

What cheese is it? And what if I don’t have it? Can I substitute it with another cheese??

lamere2k says:

2:28 I swear I can smell this . And it smells SO good !

Teresa H says:

You’re going to have to stop making me so hungry, even after I’ve eaten.

In The Kitchen With Jonny says:

Fantastic. Looks so appetizing

Retro19 says:

Nice dish

Tem Hill says:

We make this all of the time; I didn’t know it had a name. 🙂

javieralejandrx says:

This dude is “cheesy”. Delicious

z433 says:

totally wrong

jane cerrone says:

Some of your recipes are so easy and so delicious. Thanks again. I love your videos.

Gianni Rocky says:


FitAngie says:

Looks fantastic! Wow delicious

Martin Singer says:

The quint-essentials of Italian cooking captured within this video! It couldn’t get any better! Thank you, Chef Pasquale, you’ve made me happy again! Keep her lit! I know you will 😉

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