Easter spring lamb, Abbacchio, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach

Spring lamb is the classic centerpiece of an Easter table and, for very good reason: it’s delicious!

My North Beach recipe is a taste memory amalgam of the roasted capretto that my Mom made and baby lamb abbacchio and scottadito that I savored in springtime Rome.

The hardest part of this dish is finding baby lamb. I’m lucky to live in San Francisco, so I got mine at Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building. If you can’t get the breast use chops or even a leg of lamb. Any cut works with this recipe.

The breast riblets are crispy and fall off the bone tender. The chops have a golden brown crust and delicate flavor and can be cooked to your preferred doneness.

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dojufitz says:

Your story is what turned my mum into a vegetarian…..her father was a country butcher…….I’ve been telling her about your great recipes as she is a great cook and I love all the old recipes…..

AlfonsoTheTraitor says:

Now you’re talking . Lamb is so good I think I need to share this with my friends on FaceBook. 

iluvmaboyz says:

Mmmm. Thank you for sharing. I’m in Southern New Jersey

beretta jim says:

Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe. I made it easter sunday for my extened family and we couldnt be more amazed. This was defimately one of the best dinners iver ever made. Thank you so much again. I dont agree about the child abuse comment below though, its just a natural part of life people are sheltered from now. They think cause they but pre butchered meat in a store they are somehow morally superior.

dojufitz says:

I just made this …..loved it…..

next time I might add 4 anchovies instead of 2…..


Love that story about the resurrection .. Or is that resur-Erection? Haha !!!

FitAngie says:

Fantastic recipe! I love this thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait for your other videos.

Cefims Soas says:

Just subscribed, and now I can’t stop watching


Great Dish ! You’re Amazing Gianni ! Love your whole cooking style and passion for the food and our Italian-American culture .. You’re the Best ! Better than 95% of those people on the Food Network .. Keep up the great work, and make more and more videos, everyone loves them.

Bravo Gianni


Jann Elaine Eleodinmuo says:

I appreciate your recipes so much!

As a fifth generation Italian American who is now trying to live and learn to cook traditional Italian dishes, I am finding a lot of the more complicated italian recipes available online, but the more classic, common, simple recipes like this one I can’t seem to find (probably because every Italian knows them!), but I wanted very badly to make it for Easter (as is traditional).

Grazie Mille!!

Meron Abebe says:

I love u:)

mmbmbmbmb says:

Pure torment to (just) watch  ;o)

theresa bollman says:

I love how Gianni knows so much about so many of the Italian dishes and all of the essential ingredients. Buona Pasqua, Gianni!

Joseph Valenti says:

Gianni I really enjoy your recipes.  It is like having an old friend teach you his personal family recipes!  Thank You !

Richard Kucklinski says:

My favorite channel !

Cha oW says:

This is 10/10

Dom P says:

Keep the videos coming Pisano

Michele Shine says:

Gianni…He MUST have been 5 or 6!!!!

Simon Walker says:

I was salivating watching this – god bless our mothers.

James Karoul says:

One more question, I am using the leg of lamb, should I cut it in pieces too or leave it as whole?

simmick1 says:

That really looks delicious. I love Lamb, when cooked properly it’s one of the tastiest meats in the world.

jackiejanetm says:

Love your videos!  

James Karoul says:

Gianni I am making this tonight’s sunday dinner for the family, Thank you for this beautiful recipe…

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