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Cioppino, the famous fish stew invented down on Fisherman’s Wharf by the immigrant fishermen from Liguria and Sicily is a perfect Italian Christmas Eve meal.

The local tale is that when the boats were all in a big cauldron was put over a fire to cook the tomato broth. After selling their catch, the fisherman one by one would bring whatever fish were leftover on their boat. They “chipped in” and the dish they all shared on the wharf got its name. More likely the name is derived from the classic Ligurian dialect for the fish stew found around Genoa, “ciuppin”.

This is an easy no mess recipe. Everything cooks in one pot. You can have cioppino on your table in way less than an hour. The briny seafood swims in a sweet rich San Marzano tomato bath. My favorite bite is dunking my garlic bread in the brothy sea-scented sauce.

Make sure you have plenty of napkins for your guests. You will get a little messy eating the crab and shrimp still in the shell.

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Beautiful. Love them fishes. Can’t help but wonder if the calamari was as tender as when you did them up in flour and hot oil for 60 seconds? I like the tentacles too!

peter hennig says:

when are we going to get more videos? 🙁

James w Mallory says:

to funny I like your style.

chocho12321 says:

This is great! can’t believe i only just found this channel. You earned yourself a new subscriber

1humboldt101 says:

   This is so wonderful.  You can’t really get it in restaurants.  It is truly home made food.  So tender, so flavorful of the ocean & the land.  I love it so much.  Very seasonal & only should be cooked for consumption right away.  Does not reheat the next day.  Once you add the fish to the sauce, you have about 10 minutes for your guests to enjoy it.

BeastMaster228 says:

May I ask why didnt you put wine or fish stock in with the base? Is it an unnecessary additive?

cjay2 says:

I just already ate, before watching this beautiful video. You’re making me hungry all over again. I’ll go out and have a gelato in your honour here in Florence!
Great video! Buon Natale a tutti!
Ciao Gianni!

CitizenCOY says:

I will be trying this recipe tomorrow. It looks so delicious! I love that the recipe is simple. some of the others I have seen were very complex and didn’t look as appetizing. Thanks!

TickleMeShlomo says:

do you add white wine sometimes when you cook this? that’s what really makes it in my opinion.

theresa bollman says:

Gonna have to be our New Year’s Eve dinner this year. But better late than never! Maybe I can get another super compliment from my grandson Gianni with this fabulous dish. Tonight he said he thought my food must be what they serve in Heaven on Christmas Eve. Can any grandmother get a better Christmas gift than that? Buon Natale, Gianni. Thanks for sharing this with us. Tess in NY

Nelson says:

You forgot the white wine.

jcgAltitudez says:

I’m gonna make this a family tradition meal!

nwez2 says:

that looks so good!!! I’m making this!!

1billwill says:

This dish looks so good , if you like cioppino fish stew, Take a look at, Simple Italian cooking with ,Joe marrello grazi tante

Tem Hill says:

You make it look so easy to make this.  My Nonni used to make this but I never watched her make it, too late now. 🙁  Glad I found your channel, I’m going to try making it myself…then I can have it not only on my birthday. 🙂

Michael T. Pyle says:

Hi Gianni: I’m a long time fan/viewer of your channel. Regarding your calamari tubes, I was trained to push the tubes inside out & remove the light cartilage from inside it then reverse the process. Your thoughts…?

dojufitz says:


I love your channel…..please post more……have you posted Carbonara yet?


from Melbourne Australia.

TacticalMerk says:

Love these guitar songs used in these videos but can’t find them anywhere does anyone have an idea?

RAIS sonny says:

the best cioppiono ever

Elliott Inglese says:

I want to eat this now sooooo badly. Such abundant meaty seafood!!! Going to my favourite Italian this Saturday. CANT WAIT!!!

Wayne Miller says:

This guy is making me hungry!

snowmchristv says:

Ahhh this is torture watching this……Thank you for sharing 

dunsa123456 says:

Looks absolutely delicious! I am going to follow your recipe this week for a special dinner. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anstria Greenwood says:

Just made this – husband is eating it now. I didn’t have fennel or mussels, but I put haddock, shrimp and scallops. Next time I’ll put the fancy stuff in but this is fantastic as is. THANK YOU!!!!

lovelyamor13 says:

I just found you on youtube and I love you already! Thanks for this delicious vid! Molto Gracie!

Gigi Song says:

Looks GREAT. I cant wait to make this!!

bigchriss04 says:

Any chance you can post a Scungilli video

Henry Armstrong says:


Justin Krezelak says:

I’ve never been much for seafood….but when my favorite chef makes it all of the sudden I crave seafood. Gianni I really wish you would do more videos. I’m sure there’s logistics involved and little things like “life” getting in the way…..but allow me my selfish wish for more. Btw….awhile back I started ordering meats from Molinari based on you mentioning them in some videos. Anyone who hasn’t tried something from Molinari is definitely missing out. They’re my go to provider now. Thank you Gianni!

Mike says:

That looks amazing!

MOblackbird says:

Merry Christmas, and thanks for the beautiful recipe, looks fantastic!


is that cornmeal in the water with the live mussels and clam? Are you using it for purging the shellfish of sand or to make it plumper?

Antonio Monteleone says:

Hey Johnny, I love your recipes but especially the Chopino recipe. That’s going to be my next dish to make for my wife… Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more fish dishes . Best of luck in 2017

kodibass says:

I love everything you did,, the only thing I do different is I roast the bell peppers,, just makes it so much more flavorful ,,  no big deal,, I do not have available so I use Pollack or cod, or even black cod,, however your pot, is awsum!!!!

Gina says:

Love this!!

Mari Mack says:

Thanks, +Jason Babler for sharing this awesome cioppino recipe. My husband’s favorite. I must try! 

TheBetterman63 says:

I’m sorry i don’t use fennel. i do the latino Cioppino

Hal H says:

Johnny……great job!!!

vindikad says:

wow! nice I have to try this!

Monica G says:

Thank you it an excellent recipe and i ave done it many times already.

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