Chicken Piccata Italian recipe.

Jack shows how to prepare Chicken Picatta. One of the classic Italian recipes for dinner. This is a quick and easy chicken recipe your family will love. Let Jack show you how to cook the best recipes ever! For more great recipes for chicken, pasta recipes with chicken and Italian style recipes from Jack please visit our playlists.
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vinmanr2d2 says:

my pc needs smellovision ! looks awesome !

Steve G says:

Didnt reduce the white wine, cross contaminated half his kitchen, burnt the chicken and topped it all with raw green onions. Brilliant

Bryan Wakeland says:

Hi..  I don’t know who runs this channel, but u I love it….  Ive known the cook when he lived in Dallas…..   my name is Bryan Wakeland, & I used to be in a band called  FEVER IN THE FUNKHOUSE…   We used to play Poor David’s pub, & you used to come see us play after your work…   Im rolling the dice here giving my # out…  It’s 469-271-9801…  Lets chat!  Drummer..  BW


i just want a hug from you two!!!! and a sample mmmmmm! can’t wait to make this

vitiare says:

I’ll definitely try this!
But, you know, without the cross contamination. That was just disgusting.

Ruby Smokey says:

Beautiful dish

Vickie Scrase says:

That was white wine he used with the butter and EVOO right? I couldn’t hear him when he was adding to the pan…also you don’t need to pound the chicken first?

chefisbusy says:

I honestly like your style of cooking. Good job

Robert Peters says:

The chicken piccata looks wonderful chef!  YUM!

Oliver Jackson says:

Nice job chef

Erin Rustina22 says:

Is there anything to change for white wine?

Joca Cordova says:

Every time I saw a new video from this guy because he is not a chef he make alot a mistakes … why he shakes alot the pan plus the rack tawel he grave like a some one new in the kirchen plus to the end he dries the sweat and the dirty nose with it nasty …

Montgomery's Garden says:

thanks making it tonight.:-)

Tony Rome says:

did you see that lemon slice doing the lemon twist haha

sveetam says:

daymn. looks good, will cook this soon, thanks!

halla kenti says:

good job man love italian food

Siva Canjeevaram says:

We dont throw raw chicken in a flour container in Canada! I am sure
Cross contamination E colui

AK FISH says:

That’s a heck of allot easier and faster than the way I do…Thanks! 

Sonny Trulow says:

this guy and his green onions…

Nana Papa says:

Making this tonight. Thank you! 🙂

James Barrett says:


Eileen LeValley says:

You did that like a champ. One of my sons favorite dishes. I roll my cold butter pieces in flour before I add it to the pan, makes the sauce silky.
Looks great, thanks for posting.

gpdcrazy99 says:

Grabbing that plate with those raw chicken hands. Shame on you!!!

David Purdy says:

Did he say “Chicken pot pie”? Those are my favorite three things.

keith bettag says:

this looks great, most people put like 20 times that amount of capers that u have in this one,,,,,i can do this, i can not do those others, thank you

Aaron Brown says:

I’m gonna try this one next


Thanks Chef. Your recipe inspired me to make some chicken piccata. The chicken came out delicious.

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel says:

hahahaha Bob too good mate, Mr Telecaster, one guitar i aint got, tell Jack i can play 🙂

George Pereira says:

Thanks Chef Chaplin, you are the best !!!! I Will do in Home, Happy Hollydays, !! Paz !!!!!!!

Matthew Gavel says:

well I would try that one but seeing how he touched raw chicken and never washed his hands then proceeded I think I’ll pass on it

sve4real says:

How tart is this dish suppose to be, I made this one for the first time yesterday and didn’t like it to much but I think I can improve of the overall dish itself. 
I will try this recipe out next time I decide to try it again. 
Thanks Jack

B Rad says:

unsanitary as fuck, raw chicken on hands then ramekin of seasoning wrap, then raw chicken on tongs and into garlic container uhhhhhhhhh, don’t eat here

Francisco Guevara says:

Cross contamination in the salt container and the vegetable bar, have to wash hands after touch chicken.

mrpicky510 says:

I like this guy jack, he must be a fun guy to work with

spectre2025 says:

so with all the other cross contamination he wipes the sweat from his head , then cleans the plate with it . ewwwwww

Adam Adkins says:

I read that “chicken piccata” isn’t a traditional italian thing, it’s an italian-american thing.

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