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Gianni does a little friendly chicken cutlet and potatoes battle with food author Mark Leslie, who was in town to promote his book, “Beyond the Pasta”, which describes the time he spent living with a family in Viterbo, northwest of Rome. Mornings he was in the kitchen with “Nonna” the grandmother, helping to prepare the family meals each day.

This is an experience I can relate to, so we decided to both cook chicken cutlets with a potato contorni as a side. Mark’s are Nonna’s Lazio recipes. Mine are my Mom’s chicken cutlet and potato croquette, as they are still served in her birth village of Mirabella Eclano in Campania.

Need we ask who you’re rooting for?

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Brain Phelps says:

Gianni’s looks so much better than mark’s

davida moreland says:

Looks delicious! Love it!!

francene michele says:

I am of Neopolitan descent and you cook just like my MAMMA did, may she rest in peace.

Anthony Porta says:

Ciao Gianni,  my name is Anthony Porta, a 2nd generation Italian american. Grew up in Hoboken NJ moved away for Grad school. My Nona lives in NJ and, man, how I miss her food, endless love, and cultural traditions. Having a lot of Americaanns and essentially No Pazions where I am– Thank You,  Your food brings me back home to a very happy place, and that is; grandmas cuccina. 

Kitchen Italia says:

Great video!!! We are two Roman girls promoting having fun while cooking. Please, check out our YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Simo & Fra.’ Ciao!

Ginga Vitus says:

cloest homos

Premium Seats Live says:


terrikelly1970 says:

off course u cooked ur cutlets first .. cause ur 2 cute … 🙂 what about my question on the sunday gravy ….could u give me the name of the sausage so i can get from my guy in dublin …please .. i want 2 be autenthic ..ur a legend gianni . x x

Georgia erickson-niau says:

A good crust for the cutlets is half panko,half course shreds parm.Try it sometime for a different taste.

debrad99 says:

looks wonderful…and delicious!!! Gianni, do you still do videos? I see all older ones…love all your recipes!! thank you

alp duyak says:

hi ! i cant understand what kind spice he use at 6;40 ? 🙂 please if someone know it

J0k3r4U says:

Haha all good, it’s ok, I know I was outmatched, I’m not nearly as experienced a cook as many people on here I’m sure… Thanx for responding man! I’m a HUGE fan! 😀

Giosa Borgia says:

We italians have the best food in the world

chandan biswas says:

it is such an easy way to make with the breast chiken a different dish,that to so less oil.thank you for the video.i have already started to make this.
Thanks again

MrJustliketht says:

First of all, idc which nonna taught you how to cook. Nobody, NOBODY, cooks like a nonna. You’re shit is weak compared to the nonna. Get the fuck outta here


Awesome Gianni !!! You’re the man!!! The other dish looked good, but I’ll take yours, “Just Perfect,” and the way I like it.


Joe Romano says:

In our house we aways mix the left over egg with the left over bread crumbs, shaped into what looks like a pancake and fry that till golden. Nothing goes to waste.
I don’t recall ever seeing you do that….

J0k3r4U says:

I’m not that “seasoned” a cook. Forgive me 🙁
(pun intended^)

Cefims Soas says:

La dolce vita

Steve Brescia says:

are you using any oil in frying pan to fry cuttlets

Krystin Grant says:

omg looks so good

sunshine2049 says:

I cannot master the art of getting my chicken cullets paper thin and symmetrical.  how did Mark achieve this?

terrikelly1970 says:

Ok gianni ,,, why didnt mark make the spuds first and then the chicken ?? doesnt make a difference but would have made sense ,,No ??? 🙂 x

veronicats100 says:

Probably the best food recipe video I have ever seen. Really nice job, boys!

Vincenzos Plate says:

Bravissimo Gianni…I am salivating right now

Dirty Mofo says:

the drunk cook sent me…subbed ya

Frank Brazil says:

tools of god.. uses two plates to bread the cutlets. fuckin stupid wops

Joseph Valenti says:

I live in Baltimore, the original Little Italy is now a hugh post office!  The remaining one is small and full of restaurants!  There is a store downtown called Trinaccia, where you can get original products, that you can’t find in grocery stores!  I go there to get lady fingers, and Italian cream ceese for Tiramisu!  I am on half Napoli and one half Fiorenze on my fathers side!  My mother was full Sicilian from Messina.  The surnames are Magano, Mirabile, Valennti, Farragamo, from Florence, the fashion people!  I am there poor red headed bastard cousin (literally)!  I am 62, but hey I manage!  Thank you for your wonderful Italian cooking, it is like having a friend teach you !

pacob3ll says:

This is what cooking is all about. Just having fun with your friends and eating something different than usual. Great video’s Gianni!

nwez2 says:

i am so stealing these recipes…..yum

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