Chicago Italian Beef Recipe – How To Make Italian Beef Sandwiches

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich.
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Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

Looks fantastic I have used that 500degree and sit method for cooking a top round as well it works great

MarzNet256 says:

I just had some Thanksgiving leftovers, but this made me hungry again! Love the channel BTW, especially the nasty canned “foods”.

Little Blitz says:

No provolone cheese? Add the cheese and then put it under the broiler for about 4 minutes. Yumoooo

Joseph Fiumara says:

SIMPLE! Awesome recipe 123 kool , delicious thanks!

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Ok Boy That looks swell, Really  it do. Email me one, Lol!

Dave McBroom says:

I wish I could try the 500 no peek method, but my gas oven has too many vents. It doesn’t hold in the heat.

joed596 says:

Thank you, Wolfe!    That looks really delicious!

All best and thumbs up,  Jersey Joe  🙂

fireside007 says:


dynodon427 says:

I loved the video but I could live without the music.

keith bettag says:

larry, that meat looked so good when u sliced it, i think i would jus put the au jus on it and eat it as is====nice cook here guy

Leslie Danyella says:

As a Chicagoan I must say you did pretty good. I like to put a slice of american cheese on the bread then dip it, then add the meat, and dip it again. But nice job

Linda's Pantry says:

You always know how to make my mouth water first thing in the morning!!!

ItsGoodCookin says:

Where did you learn to cook? That was made to perfection!!! Thumbs up!


Not bad for home cook…I can try that. Thanks for sharing.

Spider Rico says:

Giddy Up Larry! I live in Chicago so, I know my Italian Beefs. Good Work! 

Sven Guli says:

This sandwich is really popular in Chicago. Rest of the country doesn’t know what it’s missing.

Ms Kimlo says:

My favorite sammich eva!!!! 🙂

Thaneii says:

WOW!  If I can afford the meat, which is stupidly high most of the time in my area, I’m going to make this over the weekend.  Thanks, Larry.

I am Coast2coastLoud says:

You gotta be from Maryland

29render says:

WTF happened to youtube now???  THe food looks great but how the hell do I check comments?

TheWolfePit says:

How To Make an Italian Beef Sandwich

wisnerma says:

This is good!

TheWolfePit says:

Hello and thank you for commenting and your feedback!  I have added the list of ingredients at the :15 mark in the video.  Hope this helps.  Thank you!!!


Willows Garden says:

Yuuuuummm, this looks so good, will have to give this a try. I lived in Chicago for several years and haven’t had a good Italian beef sandwich since than, thanks for sharing and God Bless!

Lance Ladewig says:

Nice n wet!! 🙂

K- Ray says:

Mouth Watering, enough said!!!

Birdie says:

This was amazing…..I loved this!

BigMeat Sunday says:

Oponsanza or how ever you spell it.. looks killer dude!

Jim Beaux says:

Just looked at this,  Im going to post my version in your Facebook group, starting with my home made giardiniera.  I hope you will agree that it looks better, but maybe Im just biased.

cazzo53 says:

Watery Mouth going on high speed and shit…….

michael landry says:

You kill me Larry, I watched this at work and now I’m starving. That looks awesome!

Dave McBroom says:

ah ha YES!

Mary Sullivan Frasier says:

Definitely gonna have to keep my eyes open for a sale on top round roasts, because this sandwich looks absolutely awesome! Thanks, Larry!

Summer Destynie says:

That sandwich look absolutely delicious…however I have one suggestion, can you please put up the ingredients that you used? For example you there in that thick dark sauce into the pan…I couldn’t really comprehend your accent…so can you please write up what it is? For all ingredients…it will help a lot, thank you:-) 
I totally enjoyed your videos…and l don’t usually like cooking videos that easily but yours really something…that got me into it..but as a girl…you CAN cook good, better than me.  Well done. With Luv, from Australia.

TangoSpiceCompany says:

Now That’s A Sandwich! Excellent Larry!

mach51 says:

you lost me at the carrots…

Rivet Gardener says:

Beautiful sammy, wow, and excellent tutorial! And there you go with my favourite knife in your kitchen~ love that tool 🙂 perfect slices. Oh man, I need a sammy like that right now! Thanks for sharing, you are outdoing yourself with this one, Larry. Wonderful, just wonderful!

Anonymoose says:

LOL! My first thought was, “When I bite into that, it’s going to go all down my front.” Solution: take it out in the back yard and eat it nekkid.

You remind me – I asked about that knife a while back and was gonna get one, and got sidetracked and forgot about it. At least I bookmarked it. I love the way it slices!

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