Calzone Recipes – Real Italian Calzones

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Ever wonder what it takes to make a real Italian-style calzone? In this video, we’ll show you just that. From fresh pizza dough, to the signature filling, you’ll feel like you’ve created an Italian masterpiece.

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Kris723 says:

Grate, never shred

pelukkas says:

Never understood the fuss about italian food, no matter what you do everything tastes like pizza. Dough, pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese … Always the same

Baking with Eda says:


박혜린 says:


dwtbb00 says:

@Erica Jaramillo Yes you can. I use it all the time. But I find that the one I buy doesn’t puff up well.

SlasherBandit says:

i think i will cream it with garlic butter and parmesan

unclefrankonap1953 says:

very nice I enjoy your channel very good recipe ,note coming from a hand shop baker.

J A N E L L E says:

I hate this lady’s voice lmao

whitedaisy76 says:

Pleeeeease this is NOT “Real italian calzones” I am Italian, and just seeing the recipe I had a heart attack: ricotta??? ceddar cheese??? Pepperoni?????? egg on the dough??? Tomato sauce on the side???? Pleeeeeeease!!!! This is american calzones!!!!!

Mehndiartist_Hira says:

sooo yummy <3

Cameryn Cornelius says:

YUMMY! I love calzones! And this recipe shows me how to make one myself!☺☺☺☺☺

SlasherBandit says:

do i need olive oil?

Tony Yang says:

I’ll have to try this!! Looks amazing and yummy!

Max Đỗ says:

“Member ABC” sounds unfriendly guys…

catlover09 says:

never add salt to yeast !! it deactivates it

Maximilliano Bannatazzarrinio says:

not feeling the shredded cheddar. a calzone is supposed to be gooey cheese, (mozzerella), its more cohesive with the ricotta. Plus cheddar and tomato sauce? not sure about that. although a fine production and i really enjoy all your vids. –1st time commenter

SandyzSerious says:

Excellent, helpful narrator.

Johnny Cogs says:

“Real” is a pretty relative term, but I think it’s safe to say that if you’re using cheddar cheese, not topping the calzone with anything (sauce or breadcrumbs), and cooking it that pale, it’s not a traditional calzone.

Jessica Calizo says:


Monique Lindo says:

First of the day

StarleePie47 says:

I put pork in mine 🙂

Vema Price says:

Looks awesome!

Thanhnhi Tran says:

Can i use canola oil

aliya Heinisch says:

can you make gluten free foods

CrazyMan03 says:

I wonder if Ben Wyatt makes them like this.

spiridion moran says:


DDelilahM says:

its a calzone… but lets leave the “Real” out of it….LOL …. This is more of an American/Canadian version of a calzone….

Ramona Q says:

You’re back! I missed your voice! ​( ^◡^)/​

Denisse Gonzalez says:

why let the dough rise if you’re just going to punch it… i don’t understand

Vishu Bansal says:

when I tried calzone, it didn’t get brown crust fron upper side as I baked it in Otg with only bottom rod on.plz tell me proper mode of bake for brown crust. should I use rotisserie mode for 2-3 mints in end baking for brown crust or grill or toast mode.

everythingcomputer says:

140 is WAY too hot, and NEVER add salt to the liquid.. it will slow down the yeast.. alwasy add the salt to the flour….

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