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Sublime Cannelloni Recipe. Crepe Cannelloni Recipe with Ricotta and Spinach using my grandmother technique.
This cannelloni pasta recipe will literally change your life.

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Crepes – watch video:
Béchamel Sauce – watch video:
400g fresh ricotta
1 egg
A small portion of fresh parsley (chopped finely)
A small portion of fresh Italian basil
2 bottles of Italian passata (for tomato sauce)
3 thick slices of provolone cheese cut into small cubes
¼ onion (chopped finely)
2 branches of celery
3 cubes of frozen spinach or 150g (cooked and strained, making sure there is no water left inside)
2 carrots peeled and cut in half
A handful of dry mixed herbs
A pinch of cinnamon
Two pinches of rock salt
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Fresh parmesan
1 glass of water
1. Let’s start with the sauce. Get a medium size saucepan and put it onto the stove at a medium heat, adding 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and the finely chopped onions.
2. Stir regularly until they brown (normally this takes a couple of minutes).
3. Now add the passata and stir it in with the onions.
4. It’s now time to help strengthen the flavour of your sauce by adding fresh herbs and vegetables.
5. First, add parsley and basil, then add the carrots.
6. Now, get your two branches of celery and break off the heads. Then break the celery in half using your hands if you like, and put them into your sauce as well.
7. It is important that you add the celery so don’t leave it out. The flavour it adds to your pasta sauce cannot be replaced!
8. Add 2 ½ pinches of rock salt for added flavour, and stir.
9. My secret ingredient is now the dried mixed herbs. Add 2 pinches to the sauce and continue to stir. The smell will be mouth-watering!
10. Lastly, add a glass of water to the sauce and stir it once again.
11. The sauce needs to simmer on a medium high heat for around 40 minutes with the lid on. Remember to check on and stir the sauce every 5-8 minutes so the tomato does not stick to the bottom.
1. Put the ricotta into a mixing bowl and break it down with a fork.
2. Add your spinach to the ricotta filling, making sure it is strained so well that there is not even
a tiny bit of water left (as this can completely ruin your dish!)
3. Using the fork once again, mix your spinach through, pressing down until you see bits of
green all throughout the ricotta.
4. Sprinkle two pinches of salt into the ricotta and mix once again.
3. Add a pinch of cinnamon (I know this sounds crazy, but it is the perfect combination with
4. Grate some fresh parmesan on top to your liking and mix it in also.
5. Now, for the egg. Crack it open and drop it in. Beat the egg into the mixture and make sure
you press down with a fork so that it disappears but helps to bind all the ingredients
1. Remove the sauce from the stove as it should now be ready.
2. Take the lid off and take in the wonderful smell! You should have a tiny taste test but make sure you cool it down first- it is simply devine!
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thefactofbeingme says:

This looks so delicious. Can you mabye make a recipe with pasta candaloni? And how to make easily candaloni on your own? Candaloni is very hard to get here, so it would be great if you could teach how to make your own ones

L'arte del Fatto in Casa says:

Kisses from Italy!!! 😀

La Cucina di Lena says:

i cannelloni di Teramo!!? <3 grande Vincenzo. ti ho scoperto grazie ad Ilaria di Polvere di Riso e so che in questi giorni sei a Isola del Gran Sasso. io sono di Teramo come Ilaria. sei simpaticissimo e i tuoi video sanno di casa. 🙂 il top!!

Brontolina So Sweet says:

the must have of sunday 🙂

Brontolina So Sweet says:

in the video you’re really very nice. I like it very much! Congratulations!

Sani Varea says:

Will definately try this recipie vince!.. looks yum!.. thanx for sharing this with us. Cheers!

Vincenzos Plate says:
Marie Shanahan says:

Love this! Thanks so much.  I subscribed. 🙂

Dolla Phat says:
Typical Indonesian says:


joann1536 says:

This looks wonderful!  I’m going to make these for sure!  

mellasone says:

very nice recipe, thank you

Barbara cherryglimmer says:

Buoni! Ottima variante 🙂 Perfetti per il pranzetto domenicale.

Brigit R says:

Che bello aggiungere la canella con I latticini. Sembra ottimo!

Brigit R says:

Che bello aggiungere la canella con I latticini. Sembra ottimo!

David Babcock says:

Wonderful! ChaCha Dave.

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