Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe ( Pizza Margherita & Pizza Bianca )

In this video I share with you my homemade pizza dough recipe and I’ll show you how to make 2 authentic Italian pizza recipes .
Pizza Bianca and Pizza Margherita. Simple but delicious flavors!
But feel free to add any toppings you desire! 🙂

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Pizza Recipe in grams:

– 600 gr Flour( I always use 00 flour but feel free to use bread or all purpose flour)
– 400 gr Warm Water
– 20 gr Fresh Yeast
– 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 tbsp Salt

Pizza Dough Recipe in cups:

– 4 2/3 cups Flour
– 1 3/4 cups Warm Water
– 1 packet Dry Yeast
– 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 tbsp Salt



iama Pinneaple says:

Pizzaaa♥♥ 30k subs let’s get it!

The Master of Hoppets says:

Awesome with another savory recipe Emma. I have been thinking about getting a pizza stone for a while now, maybe I should. Most pizzarias here don’t have woodfire ovens, only one actually, which is right across from where I live, its a little Italian Bottega, with a small menu of rustic Italian pasta and pizza. This made me wanna go there and get a proper woodfire oven Margherita haha! Great recipe! 😀

Federico Muraro says:

Se potessi ti sposerei, sei troppo brava

Angela Malleis says:

Oh gosh, I want to make this!!! We lived in Italy for 4 years, and I fell in love with focaccia bread and of course the pizza…

Sugasway says:

Hey! I wanna ask if you switched on the heat from the top and bottom as well when you cooked the pizza?

Val Gonzalez says:

emma y are u so beautiful

A Arun says:

looks delicious Emma. i waited for 12 hours for your video. when you’ve posted it on Friday it was about 12 or 1 am in India, can’t remember the time( coz I was half asleep while watching this).

Cooking With Brent says:

Wow, Emma. I am impressed, by the pizza you made it taste great, and deliciously awesome to perfection. Great work, Emma.

Chef Brent

vdub86 says:

Why are most of the comments on her vids totally creepy?! Think before you send your comment. Yikes!

Chris McFadden says:

Outstanding video, Emma! As if I didn’t like you enough already, then you started speaking Italian! Be still my heart!

Mariel Gonzalez says:

So happy. Finally a pizza recipe without a pizza stone! The baking sheet over the flame tip will change my pizza life

jay p says:

This is what I’m talkin about! This right here is the real deal. I’m tired of the same boring pizza chains. That stuff is pure garbage compared to this. Real fuckin pizza. Suck on that Dominos! Emma you are an angel ❤

koolinthegang77 says:

Emma, you have no idea, how proud I’am for you., that you put those ignorant people in there place for assuming things about you., Your Italian is so perfect & beautiful. Also I’am so happy you made one of my favorite foods, simply amazing. Thank you for making this….

Carlos j says:

to be honest i like pizza love it .

A Arun says:

Congratulations Emma on 30k. hard work never fails emma. way to go

Kelly Lester says:

It is 3:25am here in Ohio, and I am binge watching your videos. lol! Your recipes look wonderful, I will definitely try this one, I love plain pizza!

lilCHIQUIS1 says:

Mama mia! Me name is Luigi, whats a yourrr name?

aaronimpactnz says:

I thought you lived in America. Beautiful pizzas btw

Svetlana Vukolic says:

Hats down, Emma! This looks amazing and I can only imagine the great flavor!! Where have you learned to cook as you are sooo young?

Korelle says:

You have the best music in your videos. What’s this track you use in this one and the others please??

sweetlikecqndy says:


mannelshah says:

when you say “tomato sauce” you mean fresh tomatoes that you make into a sauce or the canned tomato paste? by the way, i recently found your channel and im so glad i did! your recipies are easy and so delicious ♥♥ i’m totally a fan of yours now !

TheWolfePit says:

Emma I really don’t care what my wife says, will you marry me?? LOL My GAWD the pizzas look absolutely YUMBO!!!!

Ale Ho says:

Not a fan of Pizza, so you would need to make me one, si? ti amo Emma 😀

Awesome Guy says:

The Margherita one looks delicious

muse3223 says:

It sounds like she has a Jersey accent, what’s more Italian than Jersey?

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