10 Italian Inspired Meals | Twisted

No need to hop on a plan and travel to Italy because these 10 Italian inspired meals will instantly transport you to all the deliciousness the country has to offer.

00:12 – Garlic Bread Pasta Pie
01:52 – 4 Season Calzones
02:32 – Hunters Chicken Parm Lasagna
03:57 – Crispy Chicken Alfredo Pasta Parcels
05:33 – Camembert Pasta Shells
06:37 – One Pot Bacon Spinach Alfredo Pasta
07:16 – Chicken Arrabbiata Spaghetti Bake
08:00 – Melting Meatballs Pasta Bake
09:09 – Creamy Bacon Mushroom Carbonara
09:53 – Meatball Marinara Sliders

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Essem Sween says:

The Italians don’t use cheese like this, only in the US is it necessary to OD on cheese at every turn.

Sin Vee says:

Great video. Wish it was healthier though.

Fhuura Liulfr says:

I’m confused, for the chicken parmesan lasagne, why the addition of BBQ sauce to the red sauce. O.O

asaad s Arshad says:

1:06the best idea is you can tost in cheeder slices

Joseph Hinton says:

Not bad at all love Italian

Fernando Yanmar says:

VERY loosely inspired

Méli Mélo says:


نونه نونه says:


SunRae says:

Who has time for all of the hate. This food looks delicious. I might make my own little substitutions. GREAT JOB !!!!

coco alvarez says:


Fhuura Liulfr says:

I’m Sicily and this is not Italy I’m a fin dead

Doha Hossam says:

البحر اﻻسور

Vegetarian family diary says:

beautiful video! , we are Italian and we make videos of recipes from all the Italian regions would really let me know your opinion we are trying to grow

Shazia Rahman says:

Looks lovely , need to give it a try !

Tanisha Chowdhury says:

Love this video.

Samantha Zanelotto says:

please learn to cook, W ITALIA

official ranvir says:

Fuddi deya Koi Vadia g video bna lai saale Chutiye

Giorgia Bradach says:

I hope I didn’t many mistakes writing this though
If something’s wrong, I accept the corrections 🙂

I’m Italian and I want to say something
I’m ashamed of being Italian, especially when I see what Italians wrote under this video
Am I the only Italian who whatched this video thinking “it’s Italian inspired, I won’t find real Italian recipies”?
Italians got very angry if someone of another country make some mistakes trying to cook a Carbonara, but we did many mistakes trying to make an oriental recipe (for example)
But instead of giving advices, the italians (yes…the italians…they don’t deserve an “I”) insult!
I’m ashamed

Sono italiana e vorrei dire qualcosa
Mi vergogno di essere italiana, soprattutto quando vedo cosa gli italiani hanno scritto sotto questo video
Sono l’unica italiana che ha guardato questo video pensando “è ispirato alla cucina italiana, non troverò vere ricette italiane”?
Gli italiani si incazzano se qualcuno di un altro paese commette degli errori provando a replicare una Carbonara, ma noi commettiamo comunque errori tentando di replicare un piatto orientale (ad esempio)
Ma, invece di dare consigli, gli italiani (sì…italiani…non meritano la “I”) insultano
Mi vergogno

Piccola chicca per gli italiani che hanno guardato questo video
Che cazzo andate a guardare un video di ricette ISPIRATE alla cucina italiana e cucinate da una persona non italiana?
Siete talmente poveri di cervello che dovete far sentire delle merde le altre persone per poter nascondere la vostra stupidità dietro di loro?
E se non sapete cosa significa “inspired”, imparate l’inglese
È inutile insultare se non si sa cosa si sta guardando… è veramente da persone ignoranti

(I won’t translate this last thing in English, too much effort for something like that)

Sueli Venturin says:

Que delícia!!!

Marco Lamon says:

italian inspired?? In Italy no one will eat these “recipes”… We do not use so much garlic with pasta… The only pasta recipe that allows garlic is spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino!

shhzaib shaikh says:

Nice video

Gianluca Cravacuore says:

this recipe are not italian you say ?

Ale Mel says:

Those dishes are not italian inspired!! Are American and enough!!!

Joe says:

next step is throwing everything straight into the trash can

Janani Hansani says:

it’s makes me hungry !!!!!!!

iam Zerox says:

Porco dio

Clash Boys says:

Just put cheese in everything and it will be a royal dish

Kamar Ichekhlaf says:

Why do Americans have to fry everything???

xMayhem22 says:

Since I made the mistake of watching this stoned I’m now going to demolish the fridge. Food coma sleep here we come

Aisha Iftikhar says:

https://youtu.be/YI5UK2VMM6o watch my video on this topic

Isabelle Bartlett says:

there is raw egg in one of the recipes ewww

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