Yummy Stingray Fish Curry Cooking With Egg Plant – Stingray Fish Curry Recipe – Cooking With Sros

Yummy Stingray Fish Curry Cooking With Egg Plant – Stingray Fish Curry Recipe – Cooking With Sros

Wow. Right here, I would like to gain your interest with a yummy recipe is yummy stingray fish curry cooking with egg plant. Meanwhile, most recipe are prefered as grilling, it also existed with curry recipe as well. So enjoy together.
Enjoy and leave the comment how you feel and your interest on it. Thank you.

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Kenny Reid says:

Sros hello(: where are u from

Thank you sister for the videos my family enjoys me cooking you cooking for them much thanks

Tom Lamb says:


Roy Lopez says:

Thank you for the video. Question, does have fish bones? How did you handled them?

jizzinmyeyes says:

Stringrays taste awesome but my favorite is gummy shark. Have you ever cooked with it.

Jbubbles says:

Thanks for introducing your recipes to the world! I hope I can try this some day.

七道仙人 says:

I always look. Everything about shooting, editing and cooking is wonderful

Joey Layman says:

Why don’t you skin the stingray

Edilene Goncalves says:

É muito talento e simpatia!!

reema reema says:

sorry dear…i like all your recepies..
but little disappointed with gesture..i think your brother {younger } should be fed first not you..

MsKnowItSome says:


Mengpeng says:

Good job Sros 🙂

Galdim says:

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Stranger Horse says:

Another amazing video production, thanks. I would eat that exotic dish with a smile. Now I know how to clean and cook a stingray. We don’t have them in Central Oregon USA, so this is very exotic to me and looks delicious.

Dipti Naik says:

Your chopping style is very nice Nd Ur brother is very cute…

hamidah abu bakar says:

Delicious…should eat that dish with some rice…yummy…

outoftime says:

wtf never had stingray before

marley hendrix says:

You deserve your own cooking show. Maybe a cookbook? All of your dishes look so yummy and healthy! Thank you! Ps- your little brothers are adorable

ncnorthbound says:

Looks amazing!

watje janssen says:

yummy !

Wiwing Margahayu says:

Watch barcroft TV youtube channels about the most slim human

Yceleny Antigua says:

No sé pero hay animales q no debieran comerse y ese pez es uno de ellos da pena q maten a esos animalitos para comérselo esos chino o japonés lo k sea esa gente se comen hasta los hierro de la cárcel

Tippy H says:

lil boy likes it yeah!. will make with other fish, dont know much stingray

Joselyn Tenido says:

nice recipe sros ! my favourite stingray fish ! so yummy thanks for sharing ! fr. new Jersey.

Rungruang Chaiyamat says:

I love you

Michael Marquez says:

Are you married! Come to the states

Dirk Hollingsworth says:

Poor girl needs a sharper clever

nazma Begum says:


Jennifer says:

man she can cook! wish I could cook even half of what she can. thanks Sros for these wonderful videos!!!

james daley says:

i’ve eaten sting ray once i liked it but it tasted alot like mud but for some reason i couldn’t stop eating it ..

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