Yummy Crunchy Fish Frying Recipe – Fish Cooking – Cooking With Sros

Welcome back with yummy crunchy fish frying recipe. So let’s enjoy together. Thank you.

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Deneisha D'Aguilar-Foster says:

Hey sor why didn’t you remove the scales from the fish?

Melody Patau says:

I love fish and that sauce gotta make it one day. <3

Adriana Santos says:

Ahhh so cute little brother and wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing

Cecilia Kirsch says:

Great helper 3.24.19

Рома Ковальчук says:

Грязная кухня ани скора сакак скушают

Princess Ladychang says:


Rahmadsyah, S. Pd says:

Who is his name?

Beverly Bennington says:

Do they eat dogs there?iI haven’t seen the other dogs they had

Hector Barcenas says:

Looks so yummy and the sauce with the peanuts in it looks tasty. Very nice dish Sros! Hello from Texas!

Roman Weber says:

Sros is this your son? Sweet

Mengpeng says:

There is too much cuteness in this video. It is so nice to see your cute brother helping, and I am always glad to hear you speak more. Thanks for sharing the meal little brother and Sros:)

Trisha Mason says:

Who taught you to scale and clean fish? You are so good at it. It is something I never liked doing, but would do if I had to.

Well done meal. I have enjoyed watching your channel for several months now and really admire freshness of your food and ingredients. Good work.

Gail Levine says:

Yay Jamron! thank you for helping!! You put a smile on Sros face!

Whiskey and Vodka says:

I like your little brother sros..he is so sweet and very helpfull. Your food..yummy.

Layla Giselle says:

I love watching you cook and prepare fish

sandjoy54 says:

That looked so good!! But I have 2 questions:
1. What fish is that?
2. I know I need new glasses, but did u fry the fish WITH it’s scales?

deniz ipek says:

your son is this handsome man.

Jennifer Beasley says:

I never seen you take the fish bones out ,do you?

afvmedia says:

Feed the dog….

roger herrera says:

Love the video Sros. ❤️❤️❤️

Fenix Lava says:

So cute little boy)))

jennyjoys says:

That little boy is cute! He loves his big sister.

Evan Imatlantis1 says:

Aww how nice your brother is a great assistant.

Giselle Guerrero says:

Aww he is determined to help how sweet, your brother is so cute sros

The Hooziehoos says:

I did not see you scale that fish….did you just eat crispy scales? I didn’t know that was edible?…

Layla Good says:


Harolyn Zeitz says:

lt looks gross

Gabriel Cortez says:

“Hello everyone”… best opening! Your voice is so beautiful… talk more

The Hooziehoos says:

Such a good little helper! Wish you would show your kids and husband some in your videos. I enjoy watching you❤

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