Yummy cooking big fish recipe – Cooking skill

Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.
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whoodie H1Z1 says:

i need to wife her up that way i never have to worry about food ever again lol

Leonice Maria says:

Sem cor…será q tem sabor?

Jowel says:

Pero cierra la boca cuando comes coñoooooo :v

Тимур Тасжанов says:

Сука не чавкай а!!!

chace A says:

That fishhead looks tasty

LadyK4233 says:

Girl Friends, got an appetite.

Jules Paddio says:

When Respawn Baby Fish After Capture You Can Use Any Live Fish To Spawn A Different Fish Species Just Start With Fish Embereal From All Ready Catch Fish Relocate Fish Egg New Pound Then Bring Any Type Of Fish Of One Species Like Three Cath Fish in New Pound And 24 Bass After You Remove Embereal Sack In Drop In Pound And The New Fish Will Birth Relay The Eggs /New Life Wild Life Exam

hiho korki says:

why there is a white used condom in the recipe?

Ragga_Muffin_84 says:

I stopped watching Asian street meat for this.

สารคาม พลศิริ says:


Grandma Kitchen says:

Great job look’s Delicious

Domestic_Goddess Artist says:

What I like to do when i get a fresh fish from the market. I usually steam it in the wok. I put ginger. Scallions, and a bit of soy sauce. Steam it for 15 minutes. Pour sizzling hot oil over it. I would suggest steaming over frying it if it is fresh caught. It brings out the sweetness of the fish.

40k Souls says:

ese plato es lo mas nutritivo del mundo…

David Harrison says:

Knocked up?

Mai Vang says:

Supposed eat that with rice

Wanderley de Paula says:

peixe e muito bom esse parece estar otimo em

Delance Beane says:

Why did she put three big pieces of fish in that little bowl…

Manny G says:


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