Why Russians Paint Trees in White Colors? Simple BBQ Stuffed Fish Recipe

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mkmm60 says:

We also paint trees in Germany!

Godfrey Poon says:

I don’t believe you.
These are mayonnaise trees.

william hall says:

What a great video. Love it.

David Johnson says:

I’ve enjoyed your features for about a month. One of the first things I noticed about Fryazino is the painted tree trunks. Now I know the reason. Thank you.

I was also wondering about Alex’s sports cap that you are wearing. Is it from a sports team?

I enjoy all your reports. Your are an excellent producer.

David – Wisconsin, USA

Different Russia says:

Make a gift to your friends or relatives, order a Sweet Box 🙂
You may choose from 2 variants of boxes.
the 1st variant https://youtu.be/4znPaq2dRr8The
the 2d variant https://youtu.be/_K426aSXMJY

You will enjoy real Russian delicious sweets and support my project:) Thank you

Albert Carter says:

From Sherry. Hi Valeria, you looked so cute!  I’m always surprised to see painted trees here, it’s not done much anymore. I remember them at my grandparents house, the trees matched their picket fence. I’m posting without sound trying not to watch too much so I can save it for later. Please tell Alex hello, it was nice seeing him smiling and enjoying himself. It’s evening there now so have a pleasant one.

ilostmymind47 says:

I also wish Alex would have sung the baloo bear song that would have been great I would have gotten a kick out of that

crusinscamp says:

Thanks for the video clip, very relaxing and informative to watch.

I had a laugh of surprise and recognition when I saw the “Heinz” label on the tomato sauce package. Heinz is a very very popular brand for catchup, pickles, relish, etc. here in the United States. Note the shape of the Heinz label, it is a keystone shape, taken from the home state of the Heinz company, “The Keystone State”, Pennsylvania. Also my home state. It amused me to see something so familiar in a land so far away, it is small world.

I enjoy your videos, спасибо.

TheProsenjitroy3 says:

Very nice &, informative video .

DrFox2000 says:

Love your videos. You show what real life is like in Russia and I know it can vary greatly for other regions of your country since it is the largest country in the world, but seeing just a bit helps us understand that we are all human. большое спасибо от Канады

Hawkeye Airwolf says:

Another beautiful video Valeria! You are working Alex too hard. LOL I am not much of a fish person but wow that fish Alex cooked looked so scrumptious. All of it looked amazing for that matter. I remember we used to put tar on the trunk where the branches were cut to prevent insects from coming into the fresh cut but also to prevent disease. I haven’t done that in about 30 years though. I like the white paint you used. Less work than mixing your own and a lot less watered down. As always, your music selection is superb. I have to say that I loved it when you said, “Go ahead and comment because I don’t care!” That was my favorite part! Pacha!

delphine says:

Lol I’m with you Valerie when I’m eating.

Marco Müller says:

It’s very interesting. We put porkmeat, liver, and onion on a stick and call it Schaschlik here. 😀
Also I remember, when I was very little (around 1990 – east-german territory) the apple- and cherrytrees at the side of the streets between the villages were cared by the villagers. They also painted the trees. Most of them are cut now. Nobody cared for them, because fruits and vegetables became cheap and due to increase of traffic, people belived the fruits to be unhealthy.
Thank you for showing us. I now will write some fish on my shopping list. 😉

Bikram Das says:

In India also we paint the trees exactly like Russia, dont know if it came to us from Russia or the UK, but my parents used to tell me that the paint – basically only white wash with lime – it protects the tress from some types of insects. Sometimes we used to add little bit of blue dye

michael adams says:

of course you could just be different and paint the trees pink or bright green. HA!!
great looking dinner. eat up.

ilostmymind47 says:

Would have loved to had some fish and sausage with you guys enjoyed the video as always

Deadwindshadow says:

You two are perfect together. So cute!

Bradley Sullivan says:

My dear friend, all I can say after watching this video is MMMMMMMM! Tell Alex that he made me so hungry.

Patricia Francis says:

Thanks once you answered my question..I remember what my Grandfather said.

Avinash Limaye says:

VVhite is a paint made of Lime Rocks It Keeps Trees Termite Pests Outof reach, e in India Paint Them vvith Red Coloured Soil Called xxxxxx . For the same purpose so people kno they are claimed and taken care off.

QQTrick1QQ says:

When you build garage do you need permit or building inspector to look at it? Building , electrical and plumbing regulations?
Thank you for bringing Russia to the world.

Happy Traveler says:

I really enjoy seeing how ordinary Russians live. The food your husband grilled looked delicious. It’s nice seeing the similarities between our 2 countries. 🙂

fumasterchu12 says:

Yet another excellent video, and thank you for the tree information. I think all of that food looked so good, I’m sure it was delicious. Alex is such a good man, hard working and funny too. You two make me smile, thank you and have a fantastic weekend!

Steve Lubin says:

Awesome. We used to paint trees when I was a kid. It isn’t done here anymore.

Fred Smurf says:

“Tree wrap” and paint cost from $2.71 to $38 for 1 gallon (3.79 L) Tree wrap is different from paint, it is literally a wrap to protect the tree.

Alex was digging below the permafrost layer for the “footing” or foundation for the new Dacha. Very important that far north.

Why so many bratwurst? Five? 5? Alex Jr. must be hungry. lol And the fish? Wow!

orac229 says:

very enjoyable video

xennex says:

Thanks, I have several times thought what this practice was all about. I have seen this tree painting culture in several former Soviet states.. How do you spell the pork dish with mayo and onions?. I would like to find a recipe 🙂

kcraig51 says:

I find it amazing to be able to speak two languages. How you go back and forth between them. WOW!

accok jones says:

Very interesting!

pfdrtom says:

I hope Mr. Handsome Sheffield got a sausage! Love your videos. You have friends in Texas!

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