Watermelon Fish Recipe 2017 – Beautiful Girl Cook Fish Inside Watermelon For Lunch

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This video I want to show you about: Watermelon Fish Recipe – Beautiful Girl Cooking Fish Inside Watermelon

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Andrew Mombeini says:

I was looking for a different pair of melons

Z93S says:

is she poor? u live in Cambodia?

kentcharlzkie minty says:

why the u always says dear and where is the hot girl u fake clicbait fuck u

Willey Ng says:

Stupid girl why are u killing the fish the fish did nothing to u nubie

ANGIEX2305 says:

I swear she lives in the wild.

AegisFromAshes says:

8:56 – what you all came here for

x_SkyBlakk_x TV says:

le squame al pesce si TOLGONOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

firecat6666 says:

wtf, she looks exactly like my last girlfriend. fuck this shit, I’m out

Street Money says:

I’ll fuck da purple polish off of her toes nails then make her go cook me sumn…

GameTie says:

dude u have a prize wife man. that peper looks soooo goood. you must be Thai because i know thai people who put tons of MSG and lime in their pepper hahaha!

Vladimir Dotlic says:

koja domacica sto nije ocistila bar iznutrice mozda vole miris i ukus zuci i govana.

Raptorsaurlophus draws says:

what kind of fish is this?

Faith Sawyer says:

Was that salt or sugar she rubbed into the fish? Also she sometimes sprinkled into the pepper and onion–just curious.

nikola kurjakovic says:


leslie gonzalez says:

shut the fuck up because there is no pretty girl because everyone is hot beautiful and hot were all even ok like if agree

Ronan Brown says:

To many flies for me to eat that

Sofi La china says:


Joseluis Salas says:

why did i hear dog crying

The Guy that plays Games and is lazy to upload says:

Hitler is my dad



Nicht die Mama says:

I saw just a dead fish…. was there a hot girl?

Nathaniel Segura says:

clickbait we know your secrets you cant trick us you do it so perverts would watch your video but there some not so much tho

xxpyroxx75 says:

wtf did she gut it. why she not cut head off too. gross if not gutted.

Иннокентий Смоктуновский says:

Милая девушка.

Z93S says:

average life span for people who live in cambodia is 64 years

AmIFamousNow HellYa says:

first of all… where are those tits? and wtf is that supose to be?

Bobby Sidhu says:

If you don’t comments me then I don’t subscribe you 3 days ago

Invenção Terror says:

hay povo di mundo


Dominic Christoph says:

11:20 says it all

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