Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

Learn how to make Seafood Sausage! You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make, what are the rarest of all the sausages. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Seafood Sausage recipe!

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JoJo Mama says:

At the restaurant we tried many styles of seafood “sausages” and finally came to the conclusion a boudin type,rough cut with cooked rice in natural casings was unbeatable…

Marie says:

Il pene di Poseidone Or Weiner di Nettuno. Or just the very tame “Salsiccia di pesce”

Jay Sims says:

It’s like a fish cake.

Ryan Egesdahl says:

“It probably sounds better in Italian.” – Chef John, 2018

Birute00 says:

Oh the return of the freekishly small wooden spoon made an appearance! I have never head of fish sausage, but will give this a try! Thanks Chef John!

chelsey deer says:

Mmm, it’s kinda like fishcake.

MadDannyWest says:

Lmao that Nipples of Venus callback at the end

50hellkat2 says:

I could think of some plate presentations on this that would get you demonetized. Involving mashed potato mound placement.

Dr. Karate, Dinosaur Hunter says:

Thanks, Food Dad!

koolerthanapolarbear says:

that final plate looks amazing! the seafood sausage kinda reminds me of the japanese naruto

slidewithme says:

That tiny wooden spoon just tickled me in all the right places.


Call it Mar a Log-o

Summer Shore says:

Food Wishes Can We Bake These?

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Looks good Chef John!

SmileeBandit says:

Super fancy fish cake!!!

Treyon Daren says:

that looks fkng good…. gonna try and not mess up

Vikas Ahuja says:


LindsayGlitters says:

tbh I think the world needs more recipes that include fish-ears


can we store these sausages in freezer ?? and if yes for how many days we can store

Karichi Du Soleil says:

These look and sound so good! <3

Brian Bock says:

Fish loaf.


Call it Mar a Log-o

swirlingabyss says:

Damn chef. I’ve been a fan of your videos for a long time, but you really packed in the filler to stretch this one out to that ten minute mark. Stop blabbing and cook.

Albert Vanderlyn says:

Looks delicious !

Enroth186 says:

Chef John can you please do a recipe for a great Salisbury Steak?

Albert Valencia says:

Wow! I’ve never had seafood sausage before, but now I can’t wait to make this!

S Kim says:

Basically Japanese Oden without the deep frying. Looks delicious. Can’t wait to try to make it.

Fourthgirl says:

Schlong of the Sea!

Niamh O'Connor says:

1:14 Amen

Kenya Nelson says:

I laughed so hard at weiner of Neptune, what am I 11 years old?! Great recipe, I will try this soon.

paulus matusevicus says:

You are the Mufasa of your sea food kielbasa!

ad mobile4 says:

Is the foil redundant? Also looks like a good time for sous vide!!

James Arrol says:

you are the culinary genius of your Poseidon pen!s

Pablo Fernandez says:

If you pass from “fishy chorizo” because it really does not help, you can always go for “Organic Italian Kamaboko”, naming a sausage can’t be lazier than that.

Chris Pyk says:

How would this recipe change if I wanted to use a sausage grinder instead of a food processor?

Kalyan Das says:

Simply delicious

Wendy Rowland says:

Why does the salt have to be Kosher?

Salid Garcia says:

Hi Chef!! Love you!! Can you please point me to (not sure if you’ve made it already) or make a video with a recipe for the steak made for tacos on those Mexican taco trucks… again love all of your videos and can watch them all day long!!

Jeffrey W says:

I’m thinking these on the grill with a hint of smoke will be a showstopper.

Robert Sistrunk says:

agimus aut Neptunium
Wiener of Neptune n Latin

CharBezwingerOrom says:

I would assume you could also refrigerate them to make them hold vor a very long time. Right? Great recipe btw 🙂

Paul McClure says:

If we had an immersion circulator, would you recommend doing these sous vide? If so, what temp would you cook them at?

Mirch Shake says:


Bruno Marseille says:

*A Lesbian’s Dinner Dilemma*

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