Incredible Fried Fish Sandwich Recipe

Learn how to make homemade fish fingers from scratch and sandwich them between fluffy white bread with a fresh tartare sauce. It’s so easy what are you waiting for?

Make it yourself with the recipe:
Learn how to breadcrumb:

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Meg.A. Byte says:

Eat it hot or cold? That is the question.

Meme Machine says:

Come on guys, you made a fish finger sandwich 7 years ago

Coaster Gaming says:

So who got the extra texture of the lemon seed dropping in then?

Charlotte Plog says:

I want to try this, but with salmon. I love salmon with dill and citrus!

BasicSam says:

*I fucking love fish finger sandwiches! Fish fingers (4), smiley face potatoes and baked beans*

Shahina's Channel says:

I make this with breadcrumbs sometimes I fry them or bake in oven for a healthier option

Zoe Syverson says:

Gents. I have a request. I have a couple friends who are Raw Vegans and I’d really really appreciate it if you guys would take on this challenge to make a few delicious Raw vegan meals. Thanks!

Joshua Walters says:

Now how about some custard to go with it?

Serge P says:

Where is Mike? He’s the eye candy!

TRKTIsMe says:

Why are bigger things harder to find compared to smaller things?

Jake Calub says:

Does anyone know the episode where Ben says Kirsch?

Erin myzie says:

I like you guys.

Justin says:

Toast the bread

Nusma Neupane says:

I was hoping this would be a tribute to Mr fish finger!

XVGN says:

you’ve really done it now! throughout the day i forgot to eat now at 4 am watchin vid n eating pasta n really your video filled my hunger. lulz XD gr8 vid m8 8/8 ign m8!

Umar Chaudhari says:

Lads… you need a biscuit week where you make homemade custard creams and bourbons

Sukiinpink says:

When Ben said fish fingers are good for fussy eaters, I was half-expecting Jamie to make a crack about Tyrone.

mclittleghost says:

You should have toasted the bread! But the fish looks insanely good

482forever says:

Every time he said dil I thought of dan and Phil

We are IF says:

sad face ….allergy to seafood.

Irfaan Dulloo says:

Fish finger sandwiches, if this doesn’t take you back to your childhood, then you aren’t white.

Picnicl says:

Fish finger sandwiches should not be eaten by anyone who considers themselves even sliightly refined. The only fish that it’s OK in polite circles to eat between two slices of bread is salmon. I’m sick of middle class people condemning their own heritage by sliightly gentrifying food eaten by some of the working class. Fish fingers next to pieces of bread is authentically respectable working class. If you put it inside the bread it is lower working class and just because a middle class person ‘claims’ it doesn’t make it OK. It’s monstrous to eat fish finger sandwiches. If that makes me a prissy suburbanite, so be it. Fish is something to be delicately approached in eating, (partly because it’s exotically oceanic rather than sharing an earthy mammalian texture), not slammed down your mouth in a mass of bread.

LeviathanStorm38 says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t like Tartar Sauce? :/ I just don’t dig pickles in my mayo. I’d rather mix it with spicy stuff.

fatema hammoud says:

Can anyone please help me locate that video of that guy playing piano to his smoked salmon? I’ve been searching for it to no avail, on the site and YouTube, for 2 days now.
Anyone remember what it was called?! Please and thank you!

TheThingFromTheThing says:

Amazing taste. Not a fan of mayo or tartar sauce so I made a sour cream instead.

Jappeli026 says:

If l’m allergic to white fish, what fish would be the next best?
Love your videos! Been watching for a few years now <3 Learnt so much from you guys!
Keep up the amazing work guys! Love from Finland

Lia Zabala says:

Ben u should know ur not suppose to crack eggs on the bowl, ur suppose to use a flat hard surface so you don’t get any potential shell in the mix.

swift9431 says:

full recipe by Gordon Ramsey.

Michael Pesavento says:

Hi Guys, Look Great! It’s important to note that, You should make sure the Fish is at least patted dry as not to cause the coating to become gummy. Now put on “Spongebob” and Gimme My Samige!:) Thanks.

ironsniper13 says:

but how do you get the flour to stick to the fish? 1:16 1:34

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