How To Make Full Fish Curry | Traditional Fish Recipe By Granny Mastanamma

How To Make Full Fish Curry | Traditional Fish Recipe By Granny Mastanamma


nimueladyofthelake says:

Sandi from California checking in to give granny a thumbs up.

Gill Raman Deep says:

Dadi Maa tuci Sade Punjab wich kyu ni ho tahaudi har recipe dekh ke moh ch panni aa jnda hai I love u so much Dadi Maa

Technical Vicky says:

Support me
Happy rakhi

Sahamanta Sodi says:

la manera tan unica de cocinar del duo country food me encanta ❤ #mastanammalamejorchef #rajanilamejorsubchef

A D says:

anyone misses the old intro?

canada immigrants says:

Very nice!

M Mohamed hafeez says:

Dadima love u

Carmem Oliveira says:


ravirk sringeri says:

super fush curry

Susila Thapa says:

not skip ❤

Anshu Priya says:

Kindly mention subtitle of things grannny is using to make food… Like garlic, salt, refined flour

Jidesh Thakur says:

gret job dadi ma.i love you dadi maa.meri Umer apko lage

a1b2changed says:

Who are these people that granny is feeding? They seem new.

Osha Osha says:

Nice fish recipe thank mother

Vempalli Haseena says:

granny i love u

diljeet lover says:

Is she her daughter in law ???

harshit kuttam mishra says:

M from Denmark .and i love this channel

Alpoh789 Alpih7 says:

እማዪ ስወድወት

Jamu Sherpa says:

Amazing grand ma mm alway watching grand ma video thank from giving cooking knowledge grand ma

Trevor Shaharabally says:

That’s wrenk water

Sathish Alley says:

Amma i love you

Tuan vu Nguyen says:

toi rat thich

bhuvana sowmi says:

Lovely grandma I wish to taste her food

Muhammad Atif says:

Don’t overwork grandma that much. She is human after all. Or is she…..

Ali khan says:

Who else spotted that beautiful dog beating the heat in the river at 10:12?

Ragni kumari says:

I love it

InHisimage says:

looks delish

bb hh says:

you are making a lot of money why dont you take your granny to eye doctor for power glasses she definitely need it in this age.

jancy p says:

Superb granny

nikki dee says:

YUMMY… tamarind and curry and ginger all my favorite love it… I pray granny gets all the money for this beautiful videos Thanks for sharing..

Francis Inghels says:

Granny is inspiration and respect for all of us…..

Noel Ranasinghe says:

I love her cooking it’s so different than the other videos in YouTube sits in an amazing surrounding with the breeze and lake no wonder she lived up to 106 hope you will live more years so we can watch more of her traditional cooking thanks for sharing this video

Ragni kumari says:

It’s so yummy mouth watering

Dr.Sucharita Dutta says:

Awesome amma just awesome

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