How to cook fish – 6 fish recipes – Cooking fish

How to cook fish, using 6 awesome recipes. 1) Po-boy 2) Coconut Fish nuggets in Mango Sauce 3) Smoked fish 4) Fish Tacos 5) Grilled fish 6) Fish nuggets (catfish nuggets). Cooking fish doesn’t have to be hard.

For more info on how to build my file cabinet smoker check out

For link to how to catch and cook asian carp check out


GidsInTheCut says:

LMAOOOO! he knocked that sucker out jesus

GAMER 4 LIFE says:

the fish tacos are amazing thanks for the recipe Luke

Tony Martin says:

Catfish from Ayden NC. only at my Harris Teeter.

Jess Rothberg says:

“Just spoon it on”

*uses a fork

Ayden Savala says:

he is just as good as an cook than a fishermen

Jimmy Bradd says:

When he punched the fish at the beginning for some reason I thought of Jon cena

Cryptwrath says:

Does the punching technique work on other fish like carp

The Stoka says:

Haha he snuffed that fish

garrett swanson says:

catfish fillets with butter salt and pepper wrapped in tin foil and thrown on the grill is a good easy way to cook it

Griffin DuBose says:

for the batter and flour could I leave it overnight to take it on my fishing trip and use it on site?

belen palos says:

I love to see the fish die lol

Conner Lee says:

Would i have to use peanut oil

M Ø Ř B Ï Đ .X says:

That fish head bashing and lettuce smashing is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen.

Luther Culver says:

the catfish nuggets will work perfectly for a project I have at school. glad I have this video to go off of

snowblo1 says:

Oh Lord, I wasn’t prepared to see that head punch, but I continued to watch after that anyways.

James King says:

Thanks for doing a very helpful video who love delicious tasting food and how to make it so.

Whiteboy Balla58 says:

The po-boy looks so goooooooooooooooood

mcnifizent1 says:

The video about catching and cooking Snakeheads is identical to these catfish nuggets. Do you cook them the same way or is it just a time saver for editing?

Mr Vash says:

Great vids man..

Antonio Carrillo says:

this the first vid I have seen from this guy…he’s one of those really good youtubers with a few deserve more dude. also you just got one more sub.(subbing)

Chase Dillon says:

My man you know how to cook

SD Jacobs says:

Nice ingenuity with the filing cabinet smoker.

WilliamTomFrank says:

Do you have a video on how you made your smoker?

Daniel Hendy says:

I made the mango recipe today!!! I like the sauce I don’t like the tapioca egg and coconut. Maybe too many eggs it just felt spongey but I don’t like the sweet and sour chicken texture either

kaden sauce says:

my jaw dropped when you killed the fish instantly

Davvesto says:

I’m absolutely gonna try the first one but with a big ole pike

John Purser says:

I enjoyed you’re recipes. Thanks for sharing.

You might want to look at changing your pickle relish. For me, Vlasic is about the worst. It’s mushy and bland to my taste. I prefer Mt Olive sweet relish but you can also find a lot of small makers’ products that add an interesting flavor. The only bad news there is you may not be able to find them again! I’m still looking for the type of Vedalia Onion Relish I found in 1979. It was PERFECT on tomato sandwiches!

Tight lines!


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