Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Fish Recipes

Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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apple jack098 says:

Ceviche,ceviche!!!!!!!! Pls try it is so good “FUCKING DELICIOUS”

alpha says:

Are those peas frozen?……

Fuck me!!….

Evie Addy says:

… olive oil in sweet chilli sauce

MangoCherry's Kitchen says:

Amaizing video sir.. Just started my own cooking channel.
any tips would be appreciated. thanks

Lenimion says:

Is that a fart at 4:23

Faith Dash gaming says:

Gordon: now for the penis and the chilli
Gordon:peanuts and chilli

Milan Inter says:

That amount of butter he use for one dish i cant even eat in whole year. Eat butter get fatter.

Steve Mallia says:

A need a recipes for hours meat pls keep it up

Jerome Kaino says:

Burnt bro . Nice

Tamaika Hobson says:

Gordon Ramsey is inspiring me to cook( which is a feat), love the passion he speaks with

Stargyal Dohcare says:

Curry fish ?

Humairaamni123 android says:

Number 4 Thai style look alike

Stargyal Dohcare says:

Hi. .just wanted to mention ..love watching you cook ….question…have you ever been to Trinidad &Tobago. …you’ll love our food..

Magic man says:

Been cooking too much when I’m sitting here critiquing how he’s peeling a potato..


Even the way the garlic sounds when he crushes them sounds delicious

Daniel Abundis says:

Every fucking dish he makes, he says: “Beatiful” “Delicious”
Those dishes were fucking grose, fish and peanuts, c’mon!

dominique bourjac says:

Sheez! That man has a bad temper on TV but he cooks really well! No doubt about it!

Jay Bird says:

Chef Gordan, you seem to have a very heavy influence of Indian cuisine. I may be wrong because I have been a very big fan of yours for quite sometime and know you are an expert of about everything…..I was curious if you have partiallity to Indian cuisine…

Oliver Butler says:

Close pack pit wyqdapg newspaper conventional jeans wonderful approach eating wow plant frequently.

Steve Mallia says:

One of a kind wonderful creations

SuperReedScott says:

What are the 5 fishes and sides he cooked?

Petur Thomsen says:

Why is Gordon Ramsey always doing the same dishes as Jamie Oliver ?

Lyubomir Perets says:

I could have not been the only one who thought he said penis instead of peanuts

Mélissa Touba says:

But why he IS talking with breath away ?

Ms Chin says:

I’d definitely eat Gordon’s fish.

Takranie Sheonarain says:

Love u Gordon.always like to watch ur cuisine

Renee Griswell says:

What temperature for the fish and carrots pouch?

Humairaamni123 android says:

Number 1 Chinese style fish cover with salt

Sarcalogos Tortolero says:

Well now I got some new things to try out

Bella B says:

I wanna know what cookbooks are on his shelf in there….

Hipster Crab says:

19:21 C R U S H Y O U R N U T S.

Monica Levy Tyler says:

potato inside bread? Not sure about that. I would skip the bread. Is there a recipe with all the ingredients in each video?

Chandra Kunwar says:

Good ram sa chef

evan 34510 says:


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