Fish Fry Recipe | Simple and Delicious Fish Fry | Seer Fish Recipe By Grandpa Kitchen

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Fish Fry Recipe | Simple and Delicious Fish Fry | Seer Fish Recipe By Grandpa Kitchen

Fish Fry Recipe | Simple and Delicious Fish Fry | Seer Fish Recipe By Grandpa Kitchen


Manny says:

Awesome job keep the videos coming. God bless you.

Mehak 2000 says:

Nice cooking grandpa
Gud work

Nelukas Parra Camacho says:

Hello grandpa ❤

dilip aghav says:

Love u Grandpa !

Ruta Tuoro says:

Melts my heart everytime I watch your videos Grandpa. Your awesome. xxx

Shadow Zero says:

I Love Grandpa <3

villfood says:

Beautiful recipe

janet threatt says:

love all you do grandpa for the kids much love to you and your family

Kiran Muthu says:

Good job grandpa

Aastha deepti says:

Wow i love you grandpa greetings from Amarica

Jeremy Doshier says:

King Mackaral

Jay P says:

Can grandpas kitchen do a Q&A video ?

MIry Mir says:

Well done!!! I like coz u keep the style… everything in nature… and so easy… recipes not like all this recipes in this days… lovely…keep up the good work.

Mayada Zokari says:

King Fish…. My favourite

Samantha Odney says:

Who’s watching this video on Jan 26 2018 cause I am

Edgar Jerome Navarro says:

How old is grandpa?

Maymuna Aktar Liza says:

Wow…I love u so much grandma…love from Bangladesh❤❤❤❤❤❤….

Mohamed Nagy says:

Who dislike the video he cooks for orphans he his great heart Allah cherish your life grandpa

Serena Lua says:

Exemplo de humano, sei que é de Deus uma atividade dessa uma pessoa dessa!!

nagesh tagadur says:

butter chicken, chicken curry,. frankie,. nuggets,..meat, mutton, sheep, goat, fish, chocolates, cakes, ghee,. butter,..almonds,….cashew,…. prawn, lobsters,.. pomegranates,.. pizza, French fries,. kfc chicken, gulab jamoon,. egg maggie noodles,. Egg fried rice,.. etc, etc,.. which grandpa has so much money to donate such luxuries to which orphanages in which country,..children in this orphanage consume only exotic foods, funded by whom,..????,…….
…what is the income of this grandpa that he is indulging in such luxuries, practically on a daily basis,…
what is the cost of such indulgences,…..who is bearing it,….even the rich, well to do would think a hundred times before consuming such foods,….
he is basically being remote controlled, instructed, masterminded, by the sophisticated people around him,. speaking only whatever he has been tutored, taught,..what they want him to speak,..
somebody is showing grandpas, grandmas, in videos,…everyday,.. editing as such, posting it religiously, asking for donations for such luxuries and making money on internet,….
in a country which has been de-monetized, where farmers are committing suicides.. and common people are finding it hard to even survive, most monetary transactions are aadhaar based,.. from where is this man finding so much huge cash reserves to indulge in such activities.. here is an orphanage that is living on everything called luxury food,…
looks like a great international chef has arrived in this country,….. who has come into billion dollar inheritance, is going on a charity drive,…there are many ways people can be fooled, this is one of them,……..
is this man a great philanthropist, what is the tax paid by him to to authorities,….
why the income tax authorities still keeping quiet,…..why nobody is investigating such glaring activities,..state/ central government,…????..
whole village is feeding itself to yummy things through charity, donations,….!!.

Sheenam Sandhu says:

Hello Grandpa
Really appreciate

Samantha Odney says:

I think that’s how my mom makes fried fish

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