Fish Eggs Curry Recipes | Corp Fish Egg Spicy Fry by Grandma’s Cooking | Gravid Fish Curry

Fish Eggs Curry Recipes
Corp Fish Egg Fry by Grandma’s Cooking
How to Cook Fish Eggs fry
Fish Eggs curry Andhra Style
How to Clean Fish Eggs
Rohu Fish Eggs recipe
Fish Egg pakora


Jeg Ram says:

helooooo from Romania!

shyam pratap says:

Chala bagundi ammama

Singh is King says:

fish egg or fish poti …lol

AgroGreenINDIA says:


sam sinha says:

such a unique way to cook fish eggs.all people who are posting negative comments pleae first stop eating any eggs ….and for them caviar should be banned which is fish spawn.

Bengalis also make fish egg recipe but we prefer to add rice flour,onion, chillis and coriander to the raw eggs and we fry pakora of it….your granny is superb cook…I loved the recipe….the village environment and the wood fire….one of the best food videos on YouTube ….

Let's Learn says:

so yummy

Jitender Singh says:

one good good thing about this video natural background music…

Jemima Shadap says:

iow bang ja ha

Ratheesh Ts says:


soyab jalwani says:

ye knife bahot risky lagti he kese use krte ho Bhai

Krishnam Raju says:

A request to those who are making these videos. Please explain how the cooking is done. At least Telugu lo explain cheyyandi. Shall I help? I must say, these are awesome cooking videos. Welldone. Keep it up!

Shah Jehan says:


Jemima Shadap says:

iow bang ja ha

Sahil Gagrai says:

Her unborn babies were already crying because they know they were going to be a delicious meal.
(And those who thinking why it doesn’t look like fish eggs because it’s actually fish roe, which is like fish eggs but doesn’t look like caviar. Indians alway call them fish eggs no matter what.)

Black Buty says:

this is a part of animal cruelty you jurk

Veeru Padala says:

kathipeeta marchandi

Rullio Barker says:


soyab jalwani says:

mene sikh liya

MC Caramel says:

what an interesting knife.
And peaceful natural lifestyle. Lovely.

oldmonk 99 says:

Worst cooking. Fish eggs are so sensitive, you dont boil and make curry. Idiots!!

Ufra Shaikh says:

mai apne maa s apne jaan s bhi ziyda pyar karte hu itna k un k liye Jan de bhi sakte hu or le bhi sakte hu love you maa

Krishnam Raju says:

Grand mother should go to Master Chef. Can someone take her to the show. She will make it. What’s her name?

Prasanna Kumar says:


louie benelada says:

this is not the proper way of cleaning ang cutting of fish…

Maeomar Nicor says:

Wow this fish is sooo expensive in the philipines restaurant

Mubeen Nadeem says:

How to cut tube lit shalwar


why fish is crying like a baby

Khad Tal says:

Ruthless retards. killed the fish with her babies.

xIVIx says:

what if this was a traditional thing on their culture ? what if the population of that type of fishes is controlled by this way of cooking ? … will I might be wrong or right. Nevertheless at least learn about it before judging and hating

Amaan Khan says:

this is not fish egg its fish waste

Pankaj Shmar says:


غاني جاسم says:

ادري هية هيج صارت دجاجة اتعلمو من العراق اشلون ايفتحون السمج

Dj A.N.T says:

cant she just use a proper knife instead of a knife glued to a wood, makes things harder

Francisco Corna says:


yuly hariyadi says:

ngeri liat pisaunya

Agnes Priya says:

she’s cooking in a simple and easy way it a rare food

Saurabh pandey says:

is gand kat ke masala bharo bc ….she was pragnent

soyab jalwani says:

sahi bat he Bhai

King 007 says:

Shit Nonveg Eating peoples.

Jerome Cenia says:

I appreciate how they use knives. 🙂 Anyway, I’m afraid crows might steal the egg curry. I can hear them in the background. LOL 🙂 But the food itself, it looks yummy 😀 I wanna try outdoor cooking like this.

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