Blackened Fish Recipe — easy spicy fish dish

Blackened fish is quick and easy. Print the complete recipe at I’m using mahi mahi with this dish, but any fish will do. A traditional blackened fish is dredged in melted butter before the spices are applied, which is yummy, but I think the fish does all right with just the spices—we’ll save the butter for the pan. Any combo of spices will do. I especially like ginger powder on my fish—give it a try. Use salt, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, etc. Coat each side of the fish with as little or as lot of spice as desired. Heat a skillet on medium high heat and add a little butter. Add a little oil, too. When it’s hot, toss in your fish—but not before—the fish should sizzle and cook when it hits the pan. Brown one side with spice and butter and turn halfway through cooking. Light fish will turn opaque when it’s done, but don’t wait for the fish to be cooked entirely through before removing it from the heat—it will continue to cook even after you’ve removed it from the heat. Shoot for almost flaky more than flaky.

Bon appétit!

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Adenike Romany says:

I am totally in love with your accent. im going to make blackened swai fish lettuce wraps tonight. thanks!

valnaples says:

NICE! 4 ounces of protein is really all most people need for a meal, whether it’s fish, beans, whatever….most Americans eat way too much protein these days so good to see you using the 4 ounce serving demonstration here! Also cast iron pans are fab for blackening…I burnt my arm turning a piece of blackened fish once from splattering oil, not so fab…

sve4real says:

your fish looks great, i have used mahi mahi, red fish, tilapia, you name it I might have done it blackened

ssaj22 says:

I tried this recipe. I think I did it wrong. Mine turned out nothing like yours 🙁

29render says:

this man has no feeling in his finger tips lol…looks great, thanks!

jon jones says:

hairy arms

Crystal Kelley says:

I just love your voice 🙂 I’ll be trying this out with my flounder for supper tomorrow.

thinkhard34 says:

Just finished. Cooked it, ate it. Wonderful. I had to let my cook a little longer on each side cause I had a really thick piece of of fish. Went with the Mahi. I wouldn’t of used the chili pepper had I not seen your vid. worked great. Thanks again.

jon jones says:

oh yeah baby rubb that fish hard

7hkey says:

always entertaining, even when you’re trying to watch your figure ;D

premiumblend100 says:

his voice is so soothing!

Wendy DIAZ Sims says:

Hey Chef Buck, I always enjoy watching your videos, have you seen my drunken rosemary fish marinade.?? It was the very FIRST cooking video I have made. Thank you for Inspiring me to make my own cooking videos, although you are the king.

Roxanne Aguillera says:

You made it so simple I am making it for dinner tonite. Love the accent mon as I have one too.

Lyndsay Wells, The Kitchen Witch says:

I wish I had seen this the other night. I had haddock filets. Bookmarking for next week!

Graceguia says:

i like your presentation. it’s got that warm southern charm. i didn’t realize it was so easy to make blackened fish ’til i saw it.

i got a bit o cous cous at home and a fish market i sometimes pass on my way home from work.

Capt. John's Bar says:

Is the paprika just for color cause I can’t see where it has any flavor at all.

Duane Nixon says:

Thanks for the Vids!!!!! You gonna make me look real good brother!!!!!

sve4real says:

I’m trying to watch my figure, lol

SuZeeTV says:

do I have to use my hands to flip it over and take it out of the pan?

magnad8 says:

trying this right now… delish and easy too1

Shawna Hack says:

will do!

SaftasCookingShow says:

Very Nice. I wonder if you can do the same, but place it in the oven instead. Im sure it comes out a bit different , but probably still good.

Frances Arnold says:

Chef, I think you are showing off by flipping ‘dem frying fishes with your bare hands. Nice job, yet again!

Wendy DIAZ Sims says:

Awesome. looks yummy & delicious

thinkhard34 says:

Very simple recipe. Told me what I needed to know and didn’t spend a bunch of time talkin about crap I don’t care about. Thanks.

brandon NINTENDO says:

You’re the best. I’m going fishing on Sunday. If I catch me a fair share, you can bet your dick off I’m going to do this. Nice & simple. Thank you, sir. Make your videos longer. I always find myself wanting a little more.

Rhymewizard100 says:

Same here. Hey I know you said you’re trying to watch your figure, but can you do a fried cat fish nugget and fried okra recipe?

Chef Buck says:

my lawyer says that I should say “no”

airobyou says:

healthy bro! I love it

Mystic Dandelion says:

Hey I was watching The Young Turks last night and they said the fisherman in the gulf are seeing weird deformities in the fish shrimp and crab…IDK… maybe we should not eat seafood anymore…not to mention Fukashima radiation coming into the peaceful pacific ?
Hard to do for an Ol’ Florida gal but…no seafood , no how !

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