Big Fish Fry | 7 kgs Big fish recipe By Our Granny

Big Fish Fry | 7 kgs Big fish recipe By Our Granny


shereen says:

granny is so lovely making sure all kids get some to eat

Honey Bobo says:

aswariya Rai ..

.lol ……Hasti he to aisiii miss universe lol… madarchod

Hindustani sheir says:

are you Hindu ?

ice nine skillet says:

What is the name of this fish?

Saba Sayed says:

looking testy i will try this at home take care of granny country food

Venkatesh Sivanandam says:

I really love the way you cook Masthanamma.

sruthi srinivasan says:

Country foods,I am trying to find granny’s spinach recipe.Could not find it.

melanie marquez says:

I love watching your videos.. 🙂 I’m watching from California, USA

AMYTechno says:


Life of Natural Foods says:

Yes very yummy grandma.

Shweta Mishra says:


MissesNYC says:

Everyone is saying she isn’t 106. Why? Bc she doesn’t eat the processed bullcrap that causes cancer. And that she probably stays away from cancer causing products and actually takes care of herself, and has the love of her family instead of nonsense people causing stress in her life? Some of you people are like cancer!

Cipher 101 says:

Reminds me of my granny who sadly can’t even recognize me due to Parkinson’s. Love u amma.

nafee zahry says:

whats the fish name ?

Maurice Gatdula says:

grandma, please write a cook book!!

Jennifer Giron says:

Love you ❤️

Mihaela Hatch says:

granny got moves

ranjith kumar says:

killing smile grany…

hgd says:

Granny is badass


hai bamma yala vunnavu love you


I am a vegetarian .. I just Watch Her videos to see her smile..
She reminds me of my grandma so much..
I wish i Could hug You 🙂

Zed Ed says:

Glad you told us what granny was saying … makes the video more interesting!!!!

saddam warsi says:

Respect from the core of my heart grand mother .your family is lucky to hav u as their guardian
long live granny

TeCho says:

we need fucking subtitles

Raju Ahmad says:

it’s very very tasty

Anastasia Skarlatoudi says:

cooking is a ritual for her, exactly the opposite of the fast food philosophy the “westerns” have

Arza Naveen says:

Hi Guys, check the below link

your channel is in the news, great job kudos and keep up the goodwork

CMG Nab says:

my grandpa was 96 and have 8 daughters and 3 sons.Salam from Malaysia 🙂

nimueladyofthelake says:

You look pretty in your sari, Granny. That fish is almost as big as you are.

D P says:

Absolutely Adorable! Love the videos! Hello from Charleston, SC

Safiya jahan says:

why no one ask her to eat some…she have good heart that’s why still people talking about her.. she is world famous now.. you people are making money because of grandma, why you peoples don’t buy sarry for her in on her birthday? she where old sarry..please take care of her..God bless you grandma…Love you

Amitsingh Ricky says:

Dadi maa u r great…


Nice granny

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