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I truly love this Oven Baked White Fish Fillet Recipe cooked in foil with lemon juice and oregano herb. I share with you my technique presenting how to cook this fish without any oil what makes it a great diet dish. This oven baked fish with a zesty dressing are great idea for a dinner. If you are able to buy fresh seafood always prepare it and cook it in the same day. If you live in a warmer climate (or during warmer season) transport your fish in cooler box with ice bags. Once I left my fresh seafood on a hot day in the car for just few extra minutes and believe it didn’t smell so nice when I wanted to use it at home. Fish lesson learnt hard way. Coming back to the subject: frozen fish always losses its unique taste and texture will be more gooey in my opinion and even the best recipes will not help with that unwanted effect.

To make this white fish recipe (serving for 2) you will need ingredients listed below:
2 white fish or basa fish fillets (actually this fish recipe goes well with any kind of white fish so cat fish for example is also ok)
salt and black pepper
3 lemons
3 – 4 tbsp dry oregano
1/4 cup olive oil

Cooking instructions:
1) Wash fillets under running water. Drain them and then place them on paper towel.
2) Place an aluminum foil in a cooking dish that fish will fit into. Make sure that you have some extra foil to use as a cover.
3) Transfer drained fillets to aluminum foil. Salt and pepper on both sides. Put fish aside and now it’s the time for zesty marinade.
4) In separate container squeeze 3 lemons. Add oregano and mix it well. Oregano will absorb some of the lemon juice and it will soften thanks to that. Pour half of this mixture on the top of fish fillets. Put aside other half.
5) Cover fish fillets with the rest of aluminum foil. Make some holes in foil with a knife.
6) Preheat oven and bake at 400 F / 205 C for 30 minutes.
7) Add olive oil, salt and black pepper to leftover lemon mixture. Let it seat while fish is baking in the oven.
8) Serve this baked fish on the plate and pour leftover lemon-oregano-oil mixture just before eating. You may add potatoes to make it a great meal.

Cooking fish in that way will prevent it from drying. I don’t use any oil in this recipe for baking process itself. It is actually steaming in lemon juice and aroma of oregano herb that goes perfectly with fish. Be careful while transferring those fillets to the plate as they will be extremely tender and may easily fall apart. Zesty lemon dressing will give extra fresh taste and olive oil will nicely moisture and give some Mediterranean vibe to the dish so it will melt in your mouth. Additionally if you use this method you will not oxidize you olive oil that will prevent free radicals from creation and that will help you get all the health benefits of this amazing superfoods (olive oil and lemon juice). I always try to opt-in into a healthier and better recipe than a mainstream one so if you have any suggestions or comments how to improve this fish recipe even further then please be my guest and post your comment. This dish goes great with mashed potatoes and recipe for that is below.

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Nelson says:

Will grass clippings work?

Peorhum says:

Wow, like having a little bit of fish with your oregano! I will have to try it, maybe with little less Oregano though.

Ricky Gui says:

is all black screen

Mark Djukic - Infinite Reality says:

thank you

Jeffrey Ehlers says:

Looks good but I don’t get the oil at the end. You had me up to that point. I would leave the oil out for a healthier option. 🙂


Not cooked through

wai Hing Chan says:

Herbs is too much.

Dayan P says:

Death by oregano???!

Diana says:

That would go nice with rice pilaf and green beans.

K B says:

Looks soo gooood

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